The (Other) Death of the Doctor

Waistcoated Writings

These are Mine

The Death of the Doctor

A screenplay by Christopher Dillon


Footage of different mysterious figures in silhouette, watching over a town, or simply staring up at space


I’ve lived so many different lives, worn so many faces. I have witnessed the rise and fall of galaxies, the birth and death of empires which spanned hundreds of solar systems. I have seen life evolve in every way imaginable.  I have travelled to every corner of this universe, to every moment in time.


I have watched as everyone around me has died, and as I was powerless to stop it.


Cut here to the Doctor lying on the floor against his TARDIS console, looking terribly ill.

For 10,000 years I have travelled through space and time. For 10,000 years I have single-handedly held back the tide of evil, sacrificing everything to save others. For 10,000 years I have…

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