Month the First: Janvier!

Hello Internet Peoples!

I hope you’re all as well and fabulous as ever!

Today’s post is dedicated to the wonderful month that is January! Now before I begin, I do realise that there are one million and twenty seven reasons to hate January…

From the age of eleven onwards, depending on how long you stay in education/how your timetable works, January is a month of exams and deadlines.

January is that month which follows Christmas, so it’s often rather anti-climactic.


 So in this deeply gloomy and glurpy month, I thought I’d hopefully turn some frowns upside down, and look at some of the reasons why January remains one of my favourite months!

1. It’s a New Year

As much as it makes my skin crawl, I’m going to type it- “New Year, New Me!” The New Year brings about a time to pause and reflect, to look back and think about all the great things which have passed; more importantly, it’s a fresh start if you want it to be. You have to shake that etch-a-sketch and draw some new pictures!*

2. My Birthday


My momma bear has always said that my birthday is at the perfect time of year. Many people complain about that deflated, post-Christmas downer, but because my birthday isn’t too long after the holidays, we ride that Christmas high until the middle of January! It’s January 12th, just so you know for next year, and orange-coloured roses are my favourites (I like to think I’m funny).

I turned 20 this year, which is a little bit scary! I didn’t feel ready to stop being a teenager, and I was really worried some weird transition would happen and I’d become hideously boring overnight. Or maybe that it would be like in The Sims, when the character “ages up”, and suddenly the diamond above my head would squirm and explode and I’d be a beautiful unicorn after all (I’ve had a lot of caffeine today)!

But thankfully, it wasn’t very scary at all. In fact, it was one of my favourite birthdays I’ve had for a long time!

Aside from the manic essay writing which led to an all nighter, of course. I had two deadlines on my birthday, but the satisfaction of handing the essays in made it all better. I get a real kick out of that, being a massive nerd. Chris and I went for an impromptu breakfast celebration in a little café called “Common Grounds”, in the Botanic area. I had the most AMAZING lemon drizzle loaf ever, with a chai latte. There I was, eating cake for breakfast. Why was I worrying about being an adult?!


After a well-deserved nap, my housemates woke me up by singing Happy Birthday, and carrying a tray of cupcakes. The rest of the evening was spent watching The Office and playing Goat Simulator. Bliss!

Weirdly enough, this was my first birthday away from home, but it was so relaxed and lovely and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend it! I savoured it like a delicious lemon drizzle loaf (I can’t stop thinking about it).

I’m so goofy.

3. Exams. Exams? EXAMS!

Well. She’s a bit of a touchy subject, aye. But nothing beats the relief of exams being OVER for another while. Exam season has its benefits too, though. It’s the perfect excuse to order pizza, because you “don’t have time to run to the shop/cook”. You’re allowed to stay in your pyjamas all day. AND you can indulge yourself by buying little treats.

The end of exams is also the perfect time to celebrate! I headed out with some of my best friends for a lovely meal in Little Wing, followed by a few cocktails in Alleycats. We then went home, put on face masks (a grand tradition for our crew) and played Cards Against Humanity. Another day well spent!

Piccante pizza at Little Wing. Incredible!
How can you not love a bar which serves cocktails in teapots?!

4. Reconnecting…**

I mentioned in a previous post that I HATE resolutions- they’re often unrealistic, or you end up miserable because you haven’t stuck to them. However, I have set myself an easy-ish goal for this year. Last year, I lost touch with a LOT of people; a totally natural, but disappointing part of going to uni. As much as I wanted to try and organise catch ups and the like, I didn’t really have the confidence or energy at that time. I’m sorry, guys! (You’re all little munchie pancakes who I value more than moonbeams).


My aim for this year is to reconnect with people, to keep up to date with my friends’ lives and just be a better friend, overall. This month, I’ve already met with a few different people for a catch up, or I’ve skyped/texted others to see how life is going. It’s literally been incredible to hear how well everyone’s been doing, and what they’ve been up to. I feel really inspired by the people around me. One of the most interesting things about meeting with someone you haven’t seen in a while is that they remind you of what you used to be like. It shows you how much you’ve evolved and grown.

Just a general message for you all- No, I don’t still keep up with the Kardashians.

5. Planning, plotting and scheming

I’ll admit, sometimes January isn’t totally peachy. You might find yourself the night before your French literature exam going crazy, binging on party rings and listening to Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer over and over while deciding what colour you HAVE to paint your nails and reading all the BuzzFeed articles in the world and then BAM! You realise you’ve been slapped right in the face with the ice-cold procrastination fish. Ow, and eww.

In these moments of procrastination, however, I often found myself thinking about all the plans I’ve been making for this year, some of which are already a reality! I have so much to look forward to.

I have a trip planned to go to England with my favourite pal to visit his lovely sister

I might be going to see Fleetwood Mac *squeals*

There are some fantastic books on my reading list this semester

Other potential holiday plans…

An upcoming formal

Afternoon tea

So, there you have it! A multitude of reasons to appreciate an otherwise boring, stressful month. I hope January has treated you all well! Let me know if you have any exciting upcoming plans too! A big thank you also to everyone who’s been reading this little experiment, it means the world to me 🙂

*It wouldn’t be a blog post by me if there wasn’t an immensely cheesy metaphor somewhere.

**As I’ve said, I’m trying my best to get caught up with everyone ASAP! So if you’re reading this and thinking “That wench hasn’t got round to me!” or perhaps you just also enjoy caffeine, cocktails or conversations as much as I do, please feel free to get in touch! Nothing like a good catch up. Maybe we could even get some lemon drizzle loaf.

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