It started with a List… Part 2!

Hello Internet Peoples!

I apologise for the lack of frequency with the blogging recently- la saison des examens is upon us, and I’ve been under the weather recently (with actual, literal exhaustion). I’ve had to learn the hard way that you simply cannot survive on tea, biscuits and perseverance alone!

I’ve also been told to cut down on the caffeine for a few weeks, and good GOLLY is that difficult when you’re from Northern Ireland, which means that your diet is at least 50% “wee cups of tea”!

I’ve been writing my blog now for a few months, and honestly, the response has been so positive and overwhelming. I genuinely almost cry when I see that people even take time to read my crazy ramblings! It makes me so happy 🙂

About 90% of the people who have read my previous posts always comment on how much they loved the idea of starting their own version of “The List”- for those of you who haven’t read said post, a quick recap:

Between November 2013 and March 2014, I was going through a lot- I normally refer to this period of my life as “the dark time”. I hated everything that was going on around me, and I felt totally lost.  It was only after a really profound dream that I realised it was time to start living again; not merely existing. I had to start doing things for myself! So, I decided to write a list of things I wanted to do throughout the year, as motivation to firstly, coax myself out of my room, and eventually, feel as fabulous as ever again.

THEREFORE, my fellow wenches, I have decided to share with you my 2015 List so far, to hopefully inspire you to do something similar! I’ve already accomplished some of these things, but for the purposes of your reading pleasure, I’ve included everything. I’ve also decided to elaborate on some of them, but not everything because I’m trying to encourage you to read on, not cry with boredom.

  1. Visit a country I’ve never been to before
  2. Read Ulysses
  3. Run a complete mile without death or crying
  4. Go to a concert
  5. Get my nose pierced
  6. Live in another country
  7. See the Eiffel Tower
  8. Return to work at the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery
  9. See a show
  10. Finish reading the Harry Potter series
  11. Start playing guitar again
  12. Write a poem I’m proud of
  13. Have a dinner date with the distillery girlies
  14. Visit Crumlin Road jail with Flems
  15. Visit England
  16. Try sushi
  17. Have someone draw me
  18. Buy a decent camera
  19. Have an end of exams celebration
  20. Track down and read Go Set A Watchman
  21. See the Mussendon temple
  22. Have a picnic
  23. Purchase my very first MAC lipstick
  24. See Amsterdam
  25. Visit a fellow Year-Abroader
  26. Eat in Harlem Cafe
  27. Go for afternoon tea
  28. Cross Carrick-a-rede
  29. Give a French tour without my notes
  30. Learn Italian
  31. Make a pasta sauce from scratch
  32. Go to the zoo
  33. Visit an art gallery
  34. Meet up with an old friend
  35. Go to a formal
  36. Write more
  37. Do some charity work
  38. Host a potluck
  39. Make someone smile
  40. Make iced tea
  41. Learn to meditate properly
  42. Read The Guest Cat
  43. Use my crystals
  44. Go on a hike
  45. Just try an avocado already!
  46. Buy someone a surprise gift
  47. Spend a night stargazing
  48. Celebrate my birthday (becoming “twenteen”)
  49. See London
  50. Go to Banana Island
  51. Read Wuthering Heights
  52. Go to Dublin
  53. Get a haircut (you damned hippy!)
  54. Try a new tea every month
  55. Have coffee with someone I haven’t seen in a long time
  56. Bake a glitter-coated cake
  57. Dedicate a day to watching the newest season of OITNB

Number 5- Already done this one, so WHO’S LAUGHING NOW!? For anyone thinking about getting it done, it IS painful, but the guy who did it was such a wee sweetheart, I’d go back a million times just to chat to him!

Number 6- This one is obviously going to be quite easy, as I’m heading to France in September to work as a language assistant! Right now I’m a mixture of utterly terrified and quite excited. Blogs to follow on my crazy France adventures!

Number 23- I HAVE DONE THIS AND I DO NOT REGRET IT. I now have three (Brave is my favourite… Bravourite?)

Number 39- This one is so important. If doing your lovely list of things is making you happy, then you should share your happiness! It’s an easy one, but it’s also incredibly fulfilling to know you’re making someone else’s day better.

Number 43- I’ve been getting into meditation recently, and it’s been really relaxing and fun! However, with exam stress getting to me, I was feeling a little bit down, so I decided to try some crystals. Good energies all around!

These are just some of the things I want to do this year- I just add things to the list as I think of them. It’s an amazing feeling to score them out as you go along, because who doesn’t love feeling accomplished?

Some of the things may seem a little bit simplistic or “easy”; if you’re feeling really low or depressed, however, sometimes you can’t afford to push yourself too hard- you end up feeling like a “failure” if you don’t achieve the big things which realistically, you don’t have the energy to do! This is why I encourage everyone to make their own lists- it feels amazing to work your way through it!

Also for any fellow bibliophiles, I do have a separate list for books, too! These are just the more important ones for this year.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what I intend to do with my life this year! Last year, I had 84 things on my list, and got just over half of them done. Let’s hope I’ll get more done this year 🙂

Thank you so much for reading this post, it always means so much! I hope you guys feel inspired to create your owns lists too, let me know how you you get on, or if you have any suggestions about things I should add to mine!

A bientôt!

Amber xo

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