OAP Saturdays: Paris

Hello Internet Peoples! I hope your Monday is going well and fabulously. I know mine as, seeing as three of my classes just got cancelled (I’m celebrating by sitting in bed, watching youtube videos and eating chocolate. Sheer class I am, you know yourself).

So, Paris. Paris is too amazing and perfect, and when you live only forty minutes away by train, you can’t NOT go there all the time. As I explained in a previous post, myself and my fellow English language assistant extraordinaire, Bekah, have begun doing what we like to call “Paris Wednesdays”- i.e. every other Wednesday, we choose something different to do in Paris for the day. I’ve decided that I’m going to start blogging about exactly what we get up to- I know I would’ve found it incredibly useful before moving here! However, two of my loveliest work pals, Lauren and Rachel, decided to come and hang out in Paris for the weekend, so I put my tour guide hat on and met them for what was one of my favourite Saturdays EVER in this gorgeous city.

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I got into Paris just before ten, and took the metro from Gare du Nord to Saint-Michel Notre Dame. Paris pro tip: if you’re trying to get to the Notre Dame, you get off here (if that wasn’t already obvious…). Anyway, I took a wrong turn whilst trying to get a cup of coffee, and started walking in the opposite direction to where I should’ve been going… If you find yourself a bit lost, fear not! As long as you navigate your way to the river, you can easily make your way back towards the cathedral, or cross over and go to the Louvre. After a very chilly hot chocolate in the deceptive sun, I walked to the Louvre to meet the girls. I had some time to kill, so I went to the gardens, just across from the museum. It was very tranquil there, and I spent ages just gazing at all the birds. I also called into the Louvre gift shop, which was actually really great! It’s got some really good Paris souvenirs, which are unlike the cheap tack you get in most other shops.


Finally, I saw the girls, and we decided not to go inside the museum- the line was INSANE! Paris Pro tip #2:If you’re visiting the Louvre during the week, you should be fine, but if you’re going on a Saturday, BOOK YOUR TICKETS ONLINE!! And if you’re a student, or an EU Resident under 25, take a form of ID- you get in for free!


We had lunch in a cafe just by the opera house, and then we made our way to Galeries LaFayette, the most amazing department store. Even if you’re not that into shopping, you HAVE to go inside. The roof, for a start, is amazing. And you can climb onto the roof, to get the most beautiful view of the city, too! It really is wonderful. We paroused the make up and the Tiffany rings *sighs*, before heading up the street to another department store, Printemps.

If, like every other human who is in love with Paris, you want Ladurée macarons, this is where you need to go. Just inside the first door is the Ladurée counter, with the prettiest, most delicate selection of macarons my eyes had ever seen. The man behind the counter was also so lovely, and had amazing English. I chose a box of eight- you pick which size of box you’d like, and then you get to choose the flavours! They had a great selection, but sadly no violet 😦 ah well! It was amazing anyway, and I got a little bit choked up; that had been a dream of mine for so long!!

We made our way back towards the Louvre, took loads of lovely pictures, before crossing the river and weaving our way through the streets until we found a metro station. We were on our way to the Eiffel Tower, and so we took a train heading towards Champ de Mars. Eventually, we made it, and let me tell you something- the Eiffel Tower evener gets old. That was the fourth(?) time I’ve seen it, and it was as captivating as ever. We decided not to go up (partly due to fear, partly due to the line), but again, we got loads of amazing pictures around it. Paris Pro Tip #3: BOOK TICKETS ONLINE- IT WILL SAVE TIME, BUT you can’t climb the stairs in that case. Online tickets work for the elevator only- so if you hate lifts, you’ll have to queue!


After chilling out by the Eiffel Tower for a bit, we felt hungry, so we hopped on the Metro again, this time stopping off at Charles de Gaulle Etoile, which brought us right outside the Arc de Triomphe. Wow! The Champs Elysées is still one of my favourite places in Paris. We had dinner in a little Italian place about half way down, which was delicious, and not too expensive, either!! Paris Pro Tip #5: Don’t settle for one of the first restaurants that you see- it’s a tourist trap, they will charge you a fortune! Instead, keep walking tip you’re at LEAST half way down, and then stop. Your wallet will thank you later.

Along the amazing street, we called into Sephora (where I bought a beautiful YSL lipstick!). The staff were SO friendly and excited to help us out- I only wanted to quickly buy a lipstick, but a make up artist grabbed my and redid my make up while showering me in compliments. A girl could get used to that…

We also visited the huge MAC store, which was also beautiful. After that however, we were all feeling a bit tired, and so we hopped back on the Metro (line 2, where I got of at La Chapelle to get back to Gare du Nord), and said our goodbyes.

Paris is filled with magic. In every side street, at every monument, there is magic to be found. If you have the chance, just go. I don’t think you could ever regret it!

Thank you so much for reading and for lovely feedback- I’m really enjoying writing about my travels! Please let me know if you’d like any Paris advice, and I’ll be more than happy to help.

A bientôt!


Amber xx

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