Ciao, Roma!

Hellllooooooooo Internet Peoples! What’s new? I hope that March is treating you well so far!

Being  a language assistant isn’t always easy, which means that when half term comes along, you need to let your hair down, and treat yourself to a delightful holiday. Is that a convincing and justifiable reason for my having went to Rome? Ah well, who cares! On the 8th of February, Bekah (fellow language assistant and general babe) and myself went on a little adventure to beautiful Rome, such an amazing city! I’ve decided to share my adventures and experiences with you once again, because 1, I love writing about my travels, and 2, sometimes, it helps people who are planning to go there!

I flew out of Paris Orly airport on Monday evening, to Rome Fiumicino, where I met Bekah and we got a taxi to our hostel. After the most terrifying flight of my life, I didn’t even care about the mad style of Italian driving. I was just happy to be off that plane!

We stayed in a hostel called La Controra. I definitely recommend it- situated about 10 minutes from the Termini station, and just beside an embassy (meaning it is super safe). The hostel was really clean and bright, the beds were comfy, and the staff were so lovely- very relaxed and happy. Then again, if I was living in Rome, I think I’d be very relaxed and happy, too! What they don’t tell you on the booking sites is that breakfast is actually free- granted, it’s toast or cereal, juice, tea and coffee, but sure it’s the thought that counts! Our late check in was not a problem, and the guy even gave us a map for free, highlighting all of the different places we should check out. That night, we went out for dinner, taking in the sights and lights of Rome at night. I can’t help but feel that Rome is much more gorgeous when the sky is dusky and hazy, and everything is illuminated by twinkly lights.


Dinner on the first night!


Day One of our first full day was immense. We got up early, and after exploring sunny streets lined with orange trees, we decided to get on a bus tour. It’s the best way to get an idea of your surroundings if you’re not part of a group, and the weather was so good, all we wanted to do was enjoy the sun from the top deck of a bus! Most of the bus tours are around the same price, so you can really go with any of them and you get the same thing. Once we’d done a full circle, we jumped off, and grabbed some lunch near the Trevi fountain. I had gnocchi for the first time, which was just INDESCRIBABLE. Wow. And the lemon fanta was so tangy and everything was perfect. Such a good time!

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Eating gnocchi outside in the sunshine!

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We saw the Trevi and the Pantheon, and then walked towards the Spanish steps, which were unfortunately closed!! 😦 However, we didn’t let that dampen our spirits, and so we went to the Magnum store, and indulged in the most luxurious hot chocolates… Just wow is all I can say on that! After a quick jaunt back to the hostel for a nap, myself, Bekah, and our cool new friend Charlie went for dinner by the Trevi again. That street is honestly the best place to eat- all of the restaurants are packed full of people, and there’s a good reason why! I had a pizza, which was well needed after all the walking we’d done during the day (and a cheeky cuba libre- how have I not discovered these sooner?!).


Day Two saw us stuffing our faces with Gelato. For me, the best gelato store is on the left corner right beside the pantheon. It has such a good selection, and the ice cream is just to DIE for. I had bubblegum, white kinder and lemon- SO GOOD! We then strolled around in the sunshine, and suddenly became aware that sunshine is an actual thing in Italy, and we were ROASTING, so we darted into a nearby H and M to grab some lighter clothing (and new shoes for poor Bekah- the cobbles just don’t do your shoes any good!). We started making our way across the city towards the Colosseum, but got sidetracked by an amazing War Memorial, which we just had to explore. After arriving a little too late to get into the colosseum and the forum, we bought our tickets (which last for two days). THE MOST IMPORTANT ROME INFORMATION I CAN GIVE YOU– Buy tickets at the Roman Forum, which is right next to the Colosseum, because they work for BOTH exhibits. The line is about half an hour less long, and few people know that insider information! It means you can skip the queue at the Colosseum, too. Anyway, that night, we went to a restaurant called Er Faciolaro; a place I went to almost four years ago on a trip to Rome with my high school. The nostalgia was high, and the prosecco was free. It was so lovely to go back and reminisce a little bit. We then spent a good hour just sitting by the Trevi- time well spent!



Day Three was our last day. We were up super early to make use of our colosseum tickets- we hopped on the metro, and went from there to the colosseum, followed by the forum. I mean, if you’re going to Rome, you can’t not see these beautiful sights! It was just as amazing as the first time I’d been there. We then went back to the Trevi area one last time, and had lunch in a place called That’s Amore. I had the BEST lasagne, and another Cuba Libre (I really was loving those cocktails!). We then grabbed our stuff from the hostel, and headed to Termini station. There’s a train which takes you directly to Fiumicino airport from Termini, it takes about half and hour, and it’s around the 10€ mark. You can easily buy tickets from the red machines in the station, but DON’T FORGET to “Compost” them before you get on the train- i.e., stamp them. There’s little machines just along the platform before you get onto the train, I don’t know why it’s a thing, but they get snarky if you don’t do it.


So that was my Roman adventure! It was wonderful to be able to go back and see everything a second time, a little bit older, but not any wiser.


Thank you SO much for reading these posts- it means a lot! As ever, if you want any advice, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂 I have a few more adventures coming up so keep your eyes peeled!

A bientôt,

Amber xx

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