Lip BAM!

Hello Internet Peoples! Ca va?

Today, I’m going to talk beauty to you once again; such a tease, I know. My last PROPER beauty related post, on my new YSL lipstick, was such a hit, that I decided to tell you about something else I recently discovered in France! And that would be, my discovery of the holy grail of lip balms…

I mean, lip balm is something we all need and use, right? Whether we’re make up obsessed, or a little bit more on the natural side, it’s a product which we just MUST have- especially if you’re living somewhere cold, like me! I’m going to tell you about my top three, with number one being the latest, ground-breaking, tear jerkingly awesome discovery!

3. Vaseline- the Rosy Pink one (about £2)

This little tin of gorgeous gunk makes me very happy. It lasts for a long time, which is brilliant, because you’re saving serious pennies by not having to repurchase it all the time. I love that you also get that subtle little hint of colour- if you’re having a no make up day, but you dab a little onto your lips, it’s got enough of a tint to put a little more colour into your face, and brighten things up a little. However, the downside is that it’s not that moisturising… I think it definitely protects your lips, so it won’t stop them from getting any more dry or cracked, but for me, it doesn’t really heal my lips. It’s also really annoying that when the tin gets warm, it melts like crazy!! I think this one is more of an ‘I’m late to take my classes and I just want a tiny bit of pink on my lips’ for me!


2. Burt’s Bees lip balm- especially the mango one! (£3.49)

For about 3 years, I swore by this. I thought it was the best product I’d ever used ever on my lips. The smell, for a start, is breathtaking, and it even tastes amazing. It’s super hydrating, and really does work wonders on your lips. This one is still very affordable, only a little bit more expensive than Vaseline. I really like the packaging, too. My hang up with this didn’t surface until just before Christmas- I needed a new one, but the only one I could find in my local supermarket was the honey flavour (France doesn’t seem to be too into Burt’s Bees!). When I got it home, it was soooooo hard to use! Like, it was as though someone had frozen it, I could barely push it across my lips! Maybe that was a one off problem, I don’t know. It put me off nonetheless!

I think this one is really great to put on before your lipstick. I love my MAC Ruby Woo and Russian Red, but goodness knows you need to prime your lips before battling with those ladies! It’s not too gel-like, which means your lipstick will sit on top, and isn’t going to smear off.



But finally, Da-rummmm roll please!


  1. L’Occitane Lip Balm (€8)


Here’s the deal. I was in Rome for four days , and a mixture of the heat, dehydration and air travel had made my lips nasty. They were so dry, chapped, cracked, you name it, my lips were in that state. And there I was, sitting in Charles de Gaulle, heading off to Scotland to go and meet my boyfriend! As much as I know he loves me, I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to spend the weekend kissing sandpapery, deserty old me. So I ran into the duty free, hedged my bets, and bought a tube of this.

Instantly, my lips felt better. Maybe that sounds a bit silly, but I honestly felt it working straight away. They didn’t hurt, the dead skin came off, and by the end of my weekend in Glasgow, they were back to normal. I would say that you do need to use this stuff religiously if you want to cure your dry lips- i was applying it around the clock. But it worked!

It’s also great for under lipstick. It’s colourless, smells a little bit like shea butter, and has no real flavour. But it works wonders, and that’s enough for me.

So there you go! My top-rated lip balms. I’ve tried a lot over the years, and this one has been the best by far. What do you guys like to use on your lips? Do you have some kind of “wonder product”? I’d love to know!

A bientot,

Amber xx

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