My Cambridge Satchel: Review

Hello Internet Peoples! I hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend, full of happiness and lovely people and most importantly, pizza! (I’m typing this up whilst waiting on a big, dirty Dominos. Mmmm mmm mm!)

I made a promise to myself this time last year that if I went on my Year Abroad and stuck it out till the end, I’d treat myself to a Cambridge satchel. I’d wanted one for about six years, ever since I saw THAT advertisement for Google a few years back. So, in March I placed my order (while I was still living outside Paris), and I am SO glad I did.

(I was basically bribing myself to stay in France. It worked.)


Now, here’s the disclaimer part: this is, 100% an “investment piece”. It wasn’t cheap, and it was something bought using my hard earned cash. It is my baby, and I guard it with my life.

Browsing the website was like being a kid in a candy store- I spent over a week scouring the website trying to find the perfect bag for me. My first piece of sage advice would be take your time deciding, especially because 1, you’re spending a LOT of money on this and 2, it’s online- not seeing it in person first could be a bit of a risk.

After much deliberating, I decided to get a backpack satchel. I’m not the “fanciest” person- I’m a practical kinda gal, and when it comes to handbags, I’ve always preferred something I can chuck on my back, rather than something I can carry on my arm. I chose the slightly smaller bag size, just because for me, being a midget and everything, I felt like it would look better. And finally, after ten zillion years examining every colour closely, I decided to go with the berry shade. I LOVE wearing red- red lips, red dresses, red red red.


The bag, as I’ve said before, wasn’t cheap. My second piece of sage advice is either:

  1. If you’re a student, use UniDays to get discount!!
  2. Whether you’re a student or not, sign up for email alerts on their website, and then wait until one of the weeks where they have a Flash Sale. You can save 20% that way!

As I mentioned before, I bought this bag while I was still living in France, so I ended up paying for international delivery (about €10 I think!). However, delivery is free in the UK, once you spend over a certain amount (which you totally will if you’re buying a bag!). My third piece of advice is DO NOT listen to other people’s stories about delivery taking ten thousand years. People are quick to complain when they aren’t happy, but when it comes to praising good customer service, they’re slow to do so. I got myself worked up thinking it would take weeks to make its way to France, when in reality, I ordered it on a Tuesday night, and it was with me on the Friday afternoon. How good is that?! I can’t begin to explain how excited I was to have that package in my hands. I was ten times more excited that they’d slipped in a wee curly wurly for me! (Oh, how I missed Cadbury’s!)



You can’t fit a lot in this bag. If you’re the kind of girl who likes to carry their entire bathroom cabinet with them, then you might want to look into a bigger size. Right now, all I have inside it is:

  • my purse
  • keys
  • phone
  • earphones
  • French tour guiding notes
  • a small bag for odds and ends
  • perfume
  • brush
  • a book (Amy Poehler’s biography, 10/10 recommend)
  • hair bobbles
  • tissues
  • lipstick, liner and a blusher


The bag does look small, but that’s actually quite a bit when you think about it! My sage advice part four would be to have a mini make up bag to keep things in. The last thing you want is to spend SO much money on a bag, to destroy the interior with concealer! I keep this battered old teeny-weeny make up bag I got free with a magazine yeeeeeeears ago, in which I have mouthwash, tablets, a solid perfume, lip balm, hand cream and hand sanitiser. I pride myself on being prepared for all eventualities! It also saves a lot of rustling- I find that this bag, being quite a solid material, creates a lot of noise when i walk, if there’s spare change or other things scuttling about the bottom.


You can get a slightly bigger size, in which you could fit your laptop, but I think one of the cutest aspects of this bag is it’s dainty size.

Am I happy I bought this? 100%! I take it everywhere with me, and it always gets a tonne of compliments. The backpack style is super fabulous, and works really well for me. The one thing I would say though, is that the colour isn’t just is bright as it appeared on the website- one thing to consider when making your purchase! However, I was quite happy that it was dulled down, as it goes with more of my clothes.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to help! If you were going to get one, which one would you choose?


Amber xx


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