Eye eye! Eye Cream Review and Comparison

Hello there loveliest Internet People! I hope you all feel splendid today!


I’m having SUCH a great time being back at work; for those of you new to the blog, I work as a tour guide in a distillery, which is so amazing and fascinating and also, incredibly draining. Walking around all day, projecting your voice and putting all of your energy into making people enjoy their stay really takes it out of a girl, and that combined with my terrible sleeping pattern has NOT been a great combo…


On top of that, for the first time ever in my life, I have hay fever. It is as disgusting and awful as they say, and every morning I’ve been waking up with puffy, watery eyes, with huge bags underneath.


In short, my poor wee eyes haven’t been looking their best…


As a result of all of this eye nonsense, I’ve been looking for a little light relief in the form of eye creams. Last year, I decided that at the grand old age of 20, it was time to start taking care of my delicate eye area, and so I have been using an eye cream since then. However, I wasn’t very happy with it, and so I’m going to review it alongside two others which I’ve been experimenting with over the past few weeks…


  1. Benefit’s IT’S POTENT eye cream– £25.50


This was the eye cream I bought last year, and in all honesty, it’s not that great. It definitely brightens a little bit- I found that for a little while after I used it, it would give my under-eye area a little glow, but it was nothing that concealer couldn’t do. I’m worried that I was maybe a little allergic, too- I found the formula made my under-eyes feel burny? Not stingy, and it wasn’t painful, it just felt a little hot… I didn’t see much of a reduction of puffiness, either.


Will I purchase this again? Definitely not!


2. The Body Shop’s VITIMAN E Refreshing Eyes Cube– £9

When I was travelling in April, I did and saw a lot of things, but sleeping and showering had become less of a priority towards the end. And so, I looked and smelt like a little zombie. I’d been meaning to pick up a new eye cream for ages at this time, but only really remembered once I’d found myself in The Body Shop in the middle of Oslo, looking for some kind of spritz to cover my stench (travelling is fun but not glam, guys!). The girl in the shop recommended this, and I am SO GLAD she did.


It’s kind of strange- like a stick deodorant mixed with a stick foundation? And by that, I’m talking about the design, NOT the actual product (that would be terrifying. I don’t have stanky eyes, either…). It’s a little push up, roll-on stick formula which glides on easily under the eyes. I love it because it’s so cooling- the lady in the shop said it was amazing for when you have itchy eyes, because it keeps the area cool. I can vouch for this, seeing as I’ve been suffering with such bad hay fever recently! It’s also super compact, so easy to carry around in your handbag, and if it opened in your bag, it wouldn’t cause some kind of creamy disaster, thanks to the formula. Additionally, it’s great for travelling, because it’s not counted as a liquid… there are just so many benefits to this wonderful product.


Will I purchase this again? Absolutely! I’d buy ten!


3. Khiel’s Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado– £20

Here’s the disclaimer for this one- I haven’t bought it. My review comes only from a free sample which I was sent when I ordered some of their daily recovery treatment. I am a huge fan of Khiel’s products- they’re amazing quality, and they always do what they say on the tin. You know that you’re going to get your money’s worth. I tried this out on a day when my hay fever was at its’ worst- my eyes were streaming, and it felt like no amount of the body shop product was helping. Fortunately, this did, and immeditely!

The formula is really thick- when they say creamy, they mean creamy! But when your poor wee eyes are suffering, it’s exactly what you need. Within a very short space of time, I had stopped feeling as though I wanted to gouge out my eyes, and the puffiness had reduced soooooo much. I felt a tonne better!! The cold sensation brought so much relief.


Will I buy this? DEFINITELY. When I have the money.


Out of the three, here’s what I think- avoid the Benefit one. The Body Shop’s is great for the morning, first thing, and works well under make up. But by far, my favourite is the Khiel’s, which is honestly the best cure for any eye-related trouble.


That’s it, lads and lassies! Thanks for reading, and let me know if there are any other eye creams you guys swear by!

A bientôt,


Amber xo


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