Chris’ 21st Birthday

Hello delicious Internet Peoples! How’s tricks?

I’ve officially been back home for four weeks, and honestly, it really is taking a while to readjust… I laughed when my tutors said culture shock upon arrival back in your home country was a real thing, but now, I see what they meant. Getting used to your pre-departure life post-departure is harder than you might think!

Since returning to the good old emerald isle, I have however, spent some really great quality time with my family and friends. This blog post is a tad random, in that I’m simply going to share one of those really special days with you- my boyfriends’ 21st birthday.

Between my being in France, and Chris having exams, we didn’t get to spend my birthday together this year; we did make up for it by visiting Amsterdam a few weeks later. As such, I wanted to make sure Chris had a really lovely day- despite the fact it’s exam season, I think he appreciated a chilled out, relaxing time off work!

1st stop… Breakfast in Café Conor! It is the most important meal of the day after all.




It was the first time we’d been, and we absolutely fell in love with it. Those guys know how to make food GOOD!

Next up, presents! I’m the world’s worst gift buyer- I can never decide what to get someone! So instead of one, nice gift, I bought him 21 small things for 21 years! I love wrapping gifts, and so I spent a good two hours carefully folding paper and fashioning ribbon into delicate spirals…


He really liked his gifts! Some of them were a bit random, a perfect example being black water, something he’d wanted to try for ages. I got him some things from lush, some foodie things, a Khiel’s product, socks, and other wee surprises.


Finally, no good birthday is complete without cake. We ordered pizza for dinner, and then tucked into this bad boy. I got his cake in Marks and Spencers; we saw it ages ago in Amsterdam, and really wanted to try it, and so I thought that his 21st was as good an occasion as any! It was white chocolate, as neither of us are huge normal chocolate cake fans, and every bite was calorie-fuelled HEAVEN.






And that’s about it!! Seeing as we didn’t do anything special this month, we’re going to have dinner with his family in a few weeks’ time to celebrate properly.

I really hope you enjoyed this- it’s something a bit different, a little experiment with less text and more pictures.

What would you buy someone close to you for their 21st?


A bientôt,

Amber xo

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