Indigo a-go-go!

Helllllllo there dear Internet People! I hope you’re all having the BESTEST day!

So, last week, I did a little review of Kaffe O, which I’d just discovered. HOWEVER, being just home from France has made me keen to try out every new possible eaterie in the triangle area. I want to sip and nibble my way through the city! With that in mind, one of the (rare) sunny days we had in Belfast resulted in the discovery of a new cafe just around the corner from our house- Indigo!


There I was, a defenceless, sweltered little Irish chick, not coping well with the sunshine bringing us temperatures higher than 14 degrees, when scrolling through Instagram, I saw that one of my followers had posted a picture of some seriously good looking gelato. And I love me some gelato. Those days spent strolling around Rome and Barcelona left me lusting after the delightful stuff. And when I Google Maps’d it, and realised that the location of said gelato was LITERALLY ABOUT 20ft away from me, we HAD to go. Right?

Indigo is quite small- it’s quirky, young, and hip. I was drawn in by the selection of flavours they had, although in all honesty, I was hesitant by the fact they were “vegan friendly”. I know how awful that is, but when my brain hears “vegan friendly”, it processes very green, nasty things. But alas, I swallowed my fear, and then a scoop of the most amazing blackcurrant gelato. Scrumptious was an understatement.


Four of us went, and we were all pretty excited by the ice cream. We didn’t order anything else, but I was very excited about the fact they served Suki Tea (always a winner in my opinion). Their coffee also sounded wonderful, and I can’t wait to return from France to try more!

The decor really pleases me. Very hipster, minimalist and bare- I absolutely love it. I love the lights and the atmosphere. They’re done very good things with a small space!



The prices also look really reasonable. As a broke student, it’s just one more incentive to go back.


That’s all I’ve got right now- I’m sure I will inform you all of any future adventures there in my monthly updates! Until then, if you’re around Belfast, and looking for something a bit different for dessert, pop in and give it a try.

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