The Novelty of Packages…

Hello Internet Peoples! I hope you’re getting through this week with happiness and cheer in abundance!

Tonight’s post is just a quick, tiny show-and-tell of two lovely little things which made their way into my life last week…

One of my favourite things about living in France was receiving letters and packages.


In a world dominated by emails and snapchats, littered with Facebook posts and tweets, the novelty of unwrapping something unexpected is a real treat.

Have you ever done that thing when you order something online, and then kind of forget it’s coming? That’s me, all over.

HOWEVER, make up related packages always put a huge smile on my face, whether I remember ordering them or not!

I’m going to a friends’ wedding next week, and I always get really nervous about doing my make up for special occasions. The pressure of having to look good makes my hands jitter and tremble, and I end up with a delicious eyeliner moustache instead of neat cat flicks…

…so, to get me more excited about doing my make up, I ordered two new, teeny-weeny things from MAC, so I’d look forward to doing my make up and forget feeling all butterflies-in-the-tummy!

I do love a good MAC lipstick, and I also love a good nude- put those together, and Kinda Sexy wormed it’s way into my basket. It’s the most beautiful, pale-pinky nude, and while I think I need to get a little lip liner for it, I already love it!



I’m also a sucker for things which have my name on them, so when I saw that the Amber X9 palette was on offer, I just couldn’t help myself…



The colour selection is faaaaaaabulous, especially for someone like me who has green eyes. As my lovely pal Lauren said, you’ve got a great cork shade there for the crease!


(those little black boxes make me so excited. OOOOFPH)

I’ve toyed around with both of my purchases a little bit, but will report back if they’re life-changingliy awesome! I leave you lovely people with two questions:

  1. What do you do to reduce your nerves before a big event?
  2. Are there any products you’ve bought recently which you’ve been loving that I MUST check out?

Thank you as always for reading- I appreciate it so much!

A bientôt,


Amber xo

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