A Magical, Fairytale, Distillery Affair…

Hello you wonderful Internet Peoples!

One of the coolest, most amazing things about my job, is that I adore the people I work with. I’m fully aware that there aren’t many people who can say that, and I appreciate every second of laughter and banter I have with those amazing humans. This is my third summer working at the distillery, and in these past (almost) three years, I have made some life-long friends, with whom I’ve shared some of the best moments; some seriously, pinch-me-I-think-I’m-dreaming moments.

One of those took place on the 14th June, when a few of us were oh-so-lucky to get glammed up and celebrate the marriage of our fabulous friend Sam, and his gorgeous lady friend, Liz.


I think I can safely speak on behalf of us all when I say just how proud and happy we were to have been invited to share in such a special night- it really was the best craic, with the best people!


A couple of us girls even shared a cottage together that night, and had a great time getting ready together and waking up to a delightful cooked breakfast the next day.

I’m basically writing this post so that when I’m a little old lady, I can read this and smile when I remember just how much fun we had, and how amazing all of my wee friends looked.

Thanks again and congrats to the most gorgeous couple ever- we had a blast!








A Bientot!

Amber xx


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