Juin, 2016

Hello, lovely Internet Peoples! I hope that you’re all feeling happy today (despite the gut-wrenchingly awful EU Ref result).

As usual, I come bearing my monthly gift of a blog post about what I’ve been up to for the past four weeks.

I realise now using the phrase “monthly gift” was a terrible way to start this all off. But thankfully, this blog post comes with no cramps, and very few mood swings, ANYWAY, let’s go back to the beginning…

Looking back, June has been quite an eventful month. The beginning saw myself and two of my lovely work friends, Laura and Jade, jetting off to Paris for a few days away from the usual humdrum of the distillery. We spent three amazing days eating crepes and macarons and all the croissants, taking a million photos, visiting all the sights, all whilst avoiding the rising level of the Seine as Paris slowly filled with water- and boy, was it fun! I will be writing a more in-depth post about it soon, but rest assured Paris was as beautiful as always!



June also saw the marriage of two wonderful people- our fellow tour guide, Sam, and his stunning wife Liz. A few of us guides were ever so lucky and got an invite to the big night! Myself and a few of the girls even rented a little cottage just across the road, so we’d have somewhere to get ready, and it was like the most perfect little sleepover. A magical night filled with love, whiskey and beautiful people, which I will never forget. AND, we were the last ones on the dance floor (if you’d like a more detailed post about this, with fabulous pictures, you can click here!). You can take the guides out of the whiskey distillery…


The following day was also really fun, because we all had the day off! So instead of just lying about like giant sloths, we hopped into cars and drove to Derry, where we shopped and walked the walls. We also stopped for an incredible lunch in (wait for it) Pyke and Pommes (bet you didn’t see that coming, eh?), where everyone agreed that we had the nicest food ever to be eaten by humans with taste buds. We also tried out a little coffee shop, Synge and Burn, which was so cute and kitsch. I LOVE Derry, and not just because of le boyf living there!

Work has been really exciting this month. I’ve done a LOT of tours, in both English and French, and had a lot of lovely feedback and compliments. One of the most recent lovely days, was when a little old French lady reached me a tenner at the end- turns out, she’d been an English teacher, and she appreciated my linguistic skills! Got to love a fellow linguist, eh? I also had a visitor who left me a tip up in reception, with the CUTEST note. Bless!


One of the highlights of work this month though, had to be the Salmon and Whiskey festival, which takes place in Bushmills every year. Despite this being my third yearat Bushmills, it was the first time I’d ever helped out at the festival, and it was one of the weirdest and most fantastic days ever! A couple of us girls were asked to model for a fashion show, which was all at once super strange and a heck of a lot of fun. I think that the nudity in the back of that shop (i.e. wardrobe changes) will never be forgotten…

But we all looked super cute in our outfits. Look!



I especially loved this little stripy dress, and so it might well be making an appearance in my wardrobe sometime soon…

My friends Liam and Jack also came to see me in work, how sweet is that? I just love touring people I know!

Another highlight from June has to be getting to see Biffy Clyro play at Belsonic. Myself and my lovely pal, Samant, had a really good evening drinking cocktails and watching them play and BOY, they are good live! Hearing Many of Horror live has to be one the highlights of my year so far. That evening was part of an amazing weekend, during which Chris (le boyf) and I spent time relaxing in our Belfast house, having a super cute IKEA date, and eating all the food we possibly good.





Seeing as I’m still getting readjusted to life back home, I’d just like to add that I am soaking up and savouring every delicious second I get to spend with Chris. Seven months was a looooooong time!


Other great things about this month have been:

  • Seeing Chris perform with his drama group (all of whom are seriously talented!)
  • Planning holidays for later on this year
  • Ordering new books to read!

And some things I’m looking forward to about July:

  • Exciting nights out with my work pals
  • Going to Cambridge with Chris
  • Visiting Dublin!


Well, that’s about it lads. It’s been a crazy, whirlwind month, the end of which marks my being home for TWO MONTHS. Two months? How crazy is that?

I’ll be back soon with (hopefully) some travel writing, some reviews, and a few other treats in store…


A bientôt!


Amber xx




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