“Capture the Moment” Monday #1

Hello Internet Peoples! It’s 02h12 here in sleepy Northern Ireland, and here I am, wide awake on the Interwebs with you lovely folk. Oh, the perils of not being able to sleep!

I just had a brainwave for something I’d like to start doing on my blog.

Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform- I just love photos. There’s something so beautiful about taking pictures, which is why I so badly want to invest in a good camera sometime soon.

So I thought that every Monday for the next while, I’d share my favourite/most recent Instagram picture from the past week with you guys!

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Reminiscing about Sweden. 💙

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So here it is- the caption speaks for itself.

I visited Sweden for 3 days back in April, and it was one of the prettiest places in the entire world. Everything was so fresh, blue, crisp and bright. What I adore about this picture is that it sums it all up- the water so crystal clear and reflective, the image of the clouds is bounced right back up into the sky. The water so clear and calm, reflecting how peaceful Stockholm was as a city. And then, there’s me, in my blue coat and blue jeans, blending in- I’m often mistaken for being Scandinavian, despite the fact I’m so short.

Blue is often mistake as a sad colour, but this picture and the memory of this day are everything but sad.

I’d had a wee cry the night before, because my bank card had stopped working and I had no access to money, but sitting on the end of the pier just here, after discovering this place in a huge forest, I forgot all about stupid money, and realised that THIS was what was important- the fresh air, the pure water, the experience, and the peace that it all brought.

If you guys also love Instagramming, let me know below! I love finding cool new people to follow.


A Bientôt,


Amber xx

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