Treat Yo’self: A Night at the Galgorm

Hello Internet Peoples! I hope you’re feeling faaaaabulous today!

I am literally the most relaxed I’ve ever been in my entire life right now; in fact, I don’t even remember what the word “anxiety” means right now. My boyfriend and I are just back from one night’s adventuring to the Galgorm Resort and Spa in Ballymena; basically, a HUGE, amazing, wonderful, fabulous haven of awesomeness. So, I thought I’d fill you guys in on exactly what we got up to…

Chris and I arrived at about one o’clock on a sunny Thursday afternoon, where we were whisked away to the River Room for afternoon tea. There was a huge selection of tea available, and after much deliberating, I went with the “Hotel d’Amour”- a black tea with rose petals, which was incredible! Then came the good bit- the food! Man, it was amazing. We had lovely sandwiches, a teeny-weeny little mug of parsnip and celeriac soup, followed by the most gorgeous selection of cakes, scones and macarons. It was honestly the nicest afternoon tea I’ve ever had- the scones were still warm when we were munching them, smothered in jam and cream, of course. The staff kept coming over to check up on us and refresh our tea and coffee and were so attentive.




Did I mention the complementary prosecco?

After two hours of foooooood heaven, we headed up to our room (our wonderful room, which was massive and complete with a complimentary mini fridge and a view of the gorgeous river), and we put on our swimwear to head down to the Thermal village.

This is the most amazing bit- we had full access to their amazing spa until 9pm, and boy, did we enjoy it. There were several saunas and steam rooms, hot tubs, pools, heated loungers, a relaxing room with a cafe, and a snow room, and we tried EVERY. SINGLE. THING. We spent a good three hours lazing around, making the most of not being at work. There is nothing more middle-class than reading Harry Potter on a sun lounger in a bikini whilst sipping champagne on Thursday afternoon. I’ll never be so fancy again.


Just before our fingers shrivelled up and we accidentally got mistaken for octogenarians, we pulled ourselves away and headed back to our room to get dried off and changed. I availed of the free snacks in the minibar, before we stepped out for a gentle stroll around the grounds. This place is magical; the grounds are tucked in behind a stunning river, where you can walk along and cross dainty bridges and take pictures under secret archways. We also discovered this super adorable and totally not hipster swinging chair… I couldn’t resist!


We returned to the hotel, and then we wandered into the gin library. Now, I am known to be a bit of a gin lover, and so this was right up my street. A lovely man named Larsen told us to head inside and have a smell of some of the bottles before we made a decision. They had a good 300 types of gin, and Larsen was more than happy to help us out with helpful recommendations. In the end, after a good twenty minutes of delicious gin sniffery, I settled on a little shot of Dingle gin, with some elderflower tonic. Chris ordered a Cuba Libre, and we settled down in the conservatory to enjoy our drinks and snacks as the sky dimmed and the guests started retiring to their rooms. So relaxing!


That night, when we got back to our room, we had room service for dinner (pizza and a sandwich), and just had a lovely evening chilling out and watching netflix. It was the perfect end to the perfect day!

At 7am we went downstairs for our breakfast, which was a combination of buffet-style cured meats, yogurts and fruits, and a menu of delicious cooked foods too. Along with a cheeky wee cup of tea to get the day started, we really enjoyed munching before a last minute trip to finish off our stay in the spa. The Friday morning spa experience was very different to the sunny Thursday afternoon- instead of the blue skies and hoards of people, the clouds were grey and barely anyone was braving the cold, Norn’ Irish morning. I feel that this might one of the unusually awesome features of this spa; while the sky above you is dreary and grey, you feeling snuggly and toasty in the steamy hot tub. By check out at 12 we were sad to be leaving, but relaxed beyond belief.


All in all, this was honestly one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time! Chris and I got a really good offer, and we’ve been searching their site for something similar ever since we got home. I seriously feel like #CoupleGoals with all the adorable selfies.

Big shout out to my lovely boyf for the bestest time!

I apologise for the infrequency of posts, recently- I am in the midst of essay-related crisis, and have not had time to do anything cutesy or creative. If I have to contemplate one more French pronoun…

ANYWAY! I hope you’re all well- what have you guys been doing to relax? Have you ever been here before?

I love you all lots, à bientôt!


Amber xo

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