Baby Benefit Products

Hellllloooooo Internet Peoples!

I like sleeping. A lot. And unfortunately, my love of sleep often means that I don’t have enough time to do my make up before work. So I end up taking my make up with me, and skulking off to the corner of the staff room to make myself look tour guide-a-licious!

And that’s always fine and well. Until the Thursday evening you forget to bring your make up bag home, and you’ve got a long weekend off work. Oops.

So while I was visiting my boyfriend that weekend in Derry, we popped into Debenhams to pick up some mascara. It was the only thing I didn’t have an alternative for in my make up drawer at home, and I go through RollerLash much like the way the Germans guzzle up delicious bratwurst in Oktoberfest. However, I noticed they had a little kit of six mini products at the Benefit counter for the same price as one mascara, and I do love the chance to try out new things… (I also love miniature versions of things. So dinky!)

I got:

A “They’re Real!” Mascara

A High Beam Highlighter

A Stay Don’t Stray Concealer

A Posie Tint

A mini Hoola Bronzer

A “that gal” Primer


I’ve had they’re real mascara before- while I definitely prefer RollerLash, this was my go-to Mascara for ages! I remember people genuinely asking me if those were “my real lashes” at work. My only problem with this is that it can hurt my eyes- maybe it’s the plastic applicator?


I wanted to try the High Beam stuff for aaaaaaages, but could never justify spending £22 on a bottle of something I might not like. However, I totally would now. I love it! It adds perfect shimmer to the tops of my cheeks. I feel like some kind of magical fairy goddess thing.


The concealer isn’t bad- I don’t think it’s as good as my trusty Wake Me Up, but it does help brighten under my eyes a little bit, which with all this manic essay-writing, I always appreciate! It’s a great colour match for me, and is especially good at covering spots.


The cheek tint is not my fave. I have the most red cheeks EVER; I look as though I’m in a state of constant blush, and so I have to work very hard to cancel out all that redness. I’m not really a blusher gal in general, which is why this isn’t for me! But I think this is the most gorgeous colour, and I can see how normal-cheeked humans could definitely appreciate this!


Hoola Bronzer is bae for pale plebs like me. It looks awesome when I put on tan, but it looks equally as good when I’m super pale, and just want some definition. I prefer using this on my eyes, actually- I remember Tanya Burr talking about using bronzers as shadows before, and this shade in particular makes my green eyes stand out. Always a winner (plus it looks SO CUTE as a little baby bronzer!


This primer is soooooo good! I never really use primers, but of all the products, this is the one I’ll be rushing back to buy. It works so well with my skin, and my make up is still visible after 8 hours of touring. Properly impressed with that!

Overall, I think these products are amazing. Benefit are quite possibly my favourite make up brand- between super cute packaging, and wonderful products, there’s a lot to love! Plus, they have worked wonders with my eyebrows in recent years, and I will be forever grateful for that.

I think having these baby products is the best way to try things out, and I’m definitely going to look into getting more tester kits like this! Plus, they’re super handy for travelling.

That’s all of got, lovely humans! What is you guys’ favourite Benefit product?


A Bientot (I promise I’ll be back properly once this stoopid essay is done!)


Amber xx


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