Cam-Bam, thank you, Ma’am: A weekend in Cambridge!

Hello gaaaaaarjus Internet Peoples! I hope your Monday mornings weren’t too Monday-ish. I’ve spent the entire day tucked under my duvet (but wait, it’s not as good as it sounds) writing my disgusting Year Abroad essay (see?), so all I can say is ROLL ON TUESDAY (even though I’m working, my essay still isn’t done, and I cannot be bothered to shower- welp!)

So, a while back, Chris (le boyf) and I spent a lovely weekend with his sister, Kathryn, and her fiancé, James, in Cambridge. Having only ever adventured in Newcastle and Durham, I was ready for my third English city. I thought I’d share our adventures with you guys!


Cambridge is a very lovely little city. It’s got a really old-fashioned feel to it; the cobbled streets, the adorable shops- it just feels like on some streets, you could be walking through Diagon Alley. We spent a lovely Friday afternoon munching, strolling hand-in-hand, avoiding angry cyclists and spending money we shouldn’t’ve. Ah, holidays!



We visited a lot of bookshops, which made me so happy. I definitely want to have a library room when I’m older! I spent the weekend reading my “Paris Street Style” book, which was absolutely fantastic and made me want to toss out half my garish, Brit-esque wardrobe and swap my tatty rags for some Parisienne chic. Feeling inspired by the advice in the book, I marched to Topshop and bought myself this really cute plain white shirt. I would NEVER buy anything like this, yet it goes with everything. Officially my new fave.


It wouldn’t have been a trip to Cambridge without a visit to the pub (apparently) so Chris and I found this lovely little bar to stop off in to grab a quick drink. I had some gin and tonic because I was feeling oh so English and classy- on a related note, Elderflower tonic is the best ever. Just sayin’.


Similarly, with Kathryn and James, we had a pub lunch un a nearby village called Ely on the Saturday. Pub grub is unbeatable, and the ice cold cider was for sure the highlight of that hour- it was in the high 20’s, and sunglasses were necessary!


Between pubs and food, we spent a lot of time relaxing and playing games. It was just the cutest little weekend, and it was so lovely to have some chill-time with Chris’ family. I do love a good relax-fest!

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