Aout, 2016

Oh hey there gorgeous Internet People! Happy September!

Today’s post is my monthly update of life i.e. what nonsense have I been up to in the past four weeks. August was the month where I can FINALLY say I felt totally settled from France. Nothing hugely exciting happened, but it was relaxing and perfect because I spent a lot of time with my family.

(Really this first thing happened in July, but oh well. Through the power of editing, I’ll make you believe it was August. Yay!)

The month started off with an exciting trip to the Lough Eske to celebrate Chris’ mum and dad’s wedding anniversary. “What a lovely, August-y day to celebrate our anniversary, which is totally in August” exclaimed Chris’ father, augustly (see what I did there?). We popped down for afternoon tea, which was incredibly fancy and lovely. The Lough Eske, if you’re curious, is a castle-turned-hotel, and it’s superrrrrr faaaaaancy. We spent a lovely afternoon sipping hot toddy tea, and eating delicious scones. I’m all about dem scones, lads.


That evening, we had a barbecue. Now, admittedly, I am not a barbecue kinda gal- I always have a fear that I’m going to spend ten years in the toilet afterwards. However, I’m happy to report that it was delicious, and that did not happen (it was more like 9, in the end. KIDDING.)


Speaking of barbecues, Chris and his family came to pick me up from work one day by surprise, later that week, for another delightful feast. It was such a gorgeous day, and cooking in the sunshine with bae made it even nicer. I have seen the light- I FLIPPING LOVE BARBECUES.


The first weekend of August was where I had the epiphany about being settled at home. Chris and I had nothing planned, and so we just spent our days relaxing, watching films and eating our bodyweight in fudge. It hit me then and there that we didnt have to be anywhere, we weren’t obliged to do everything or rush, because I wasn’t going anywhere, and I’d see him again next weekend. I had a real sense of clam, which was lovely.

PS, I’m leaving that as “clam” on purpose, because it made me chuckle. “Sense of clam” lol.

One of the bestest parts of August though, was seeing my old partner in crime, Rebekah! She was over in Donegal seeing her family, and so we met in the middle (Derry) for a little catch up. Seeing her made me realise how much I missed her, and to a certain extent, France as well (but I am so glad I am home, as we’ve established). We spent a wonderful Friday afternoon eating Pyke n Pommes, strolling around the city, and sipping hot chocolate under the mist and gloom of the tumbling clouds.


(PS, I’m aware how bad I look in the above photo, but I feel like I’m going to love this picture when I’m ninety. ❤ )

Also during that weekend, Chris and I had a SUPER CUTE picnic, where I discovered my new found appreciation of Lea and Perrins. That stuff is flipping lovely! As were the ten tonnes of salt and vinegar chip stix we ate- so worth it though.


August was also the month where Chris and I took a little trip to the Galgorm, but you can read more about that here, if you want all the deets!

Apart from adorable weekends and reunions, August was a month of work (work work work work). But I did get lots of lovely reviews from visitors, which made me smile. I think it’s all down to my newest tour joke:

“…if you want to leave a comment, that’s cool. If you liked the tour, my name is Amber. If you did not like the tour, then my name is Sarah”.


There have also been some gorgeous, sunny days, soaking the distillery in beautiful light…



…and great nights out with the fellow tour guides.


I also read this amazing book, “Because We Are Bad”, which I would 100 percent recommend to any of you OCD peeps out there/people trying to better understand the condition. It has helped me a LOT, and I’m so grateful I found it.


So, August is over. It’s been full of essay writing, French tours, hygge, new bags, and love, but I’m ready for September. I have some extremely exciting plans for this month, before going into my final year of uni, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

A Bientôt,


Amber xo


(I leave you with this picture of me pretending to be candid and working. The only thing I learn from this picture is that I need to get my hair done soon.)

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