July 2017


Gooood day to you all, beautiful Internet Peoples! How are you? I am on a caffeine high after gulping down a large americano, so if this post seems a little bit HYPERACTIF, please, forgive me.

I didn’t think I wanted to do these monthly updates anymore, but I gave my blog a bit of a facelift, and whilst reading through old posts, I realised that these were some of my favourites to look back on. So, I’m continuing to do them for the good of myself, but I hope y’all find them somewhat interesting too.

(I don’t think I’m anywhere near cool or American enough to use the word y’all. Sorry!)

July was a mixed bag. You know those little, white paper bags filled with a mixture of different kinds of sweeties? And they all look the same, but some are delicious raspberry, and others are dirty, deceptive liquorice? That was July. There were highs and lows, but it was definitely one of the most unforgettable and defining months of my 22 years thus far.

  1. I graduated!


Does this make me an adult now? I sure hope not, seeing as I still require the help of my daddy to wake up on time for work. But alas, I am no longer a student, which is so lovely and scary to say all at once. I (somehow) got a 2:1 in BA Hons English with French, donned a fancy gown and received a piece of paper stating that I am a “graduate”. My family and I had such a lovely day celebrating together, which for me, was the best part- forget the big, fancy ceremony, being with the people I loved and eating delicious food was the highlight!


The low point of the day was for SURE the shoes I wore. Irregular choice look great, but feel like death. In the end, I was strolling through the Botanic Gardens in the bare feet, because it was too much. Thankfully though, when I walked across the stage,I didn’t stumble or trip or fall. Yay!


2. Sunshine?!


July was a month of beaucoup de sunshine here in rainy county Antrim, much to everyone’s surprise. My parents and I spent several evenings on the beaches in Portrush and Ballycastle, and occasionally, Alfie joined us too (he LOVES the beach so much, it makes my heart so happy to see his happiness!). The beach walks often concluded with fish and chips, or other such culinary delights, and the most magnificent sunsets. Say what you want about this part of the world, but you can’t deny the north coast of Ireland is stunning!



What made those sunny days even better, was the fact that I wasn’t stuck inside-  I quit my job! After 4 summers, I said au revoir Bushmills, and faced the big bad world of unemployment. I picked the best time to quit, though, as sun shone every single day I was not working. Good omen, no?

If you want to read more about my leaving my job, you can read a little heart to heart about it here. But all I’ll say here is, it felt like a weight off. In all honesty, if you’re reading this, and you’re doing a job that is weighing down your heart, stop. There’s no point in wasting away your enthusiasm and your soul for something that’s no longer rewarding and filling you back up. Be big and bad and bold!

I eventually started to feel the heat though, as I had rent to pay for my student house, and if I wanted to do anything nice with my friends, I HAD to have some kind of income. Thankfully then, after a few days of applying for a million different things…

4. I got 2 new jobs!

Not one, but two! Honestly, I fell on my feet, and I am so so thankful. I am working half the time in an Oasis store (SUPER dangerous, by the way, because everything is so gorgeous I want it ALL!), and the rest of the time, I’m in a visitor information centre. It’s just over a week now of working both, and while I’m a bit knackered with working two jobs, it’s going so well, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

(On a very random side note, as I type this, I just figured out how to adjust my office chair in the Visitor Centre. My back was K I L L I N G before, so DOUBLE yay!)

5. I’ll be there for yoooo-oooouuu…

…when the rain starts to fall! I’m talking friends, lads! This past month especially, I’ve been so, SO thankful for my awesome friends, with whom I have had some lovely evenings! From beach walks to s’mores, dinners to fundraisers, we’ve had some lovely nights together, and it’s been fabulous to spend time with the people I love. It does suck not getting to see them every day, but nights out is a pretty lovely compensation!

Some other great July happenings were…

  • Heading for a VERY quick jaunt to London for something I’m not allowed to share right now…


  • Eating Chris’s delicious pasta (seriously, you better be jelly you’re not eating it!)
  • having spent more time with my nose in books!
  • Getting (slowly) better at driving!

That was pretty much my July in a blog post-shaped nutshell… how was July for you guys? Let me know if you enjoy reading these kinds of posts, or what you’d prefer to see on my blog.


A bientot,


Amber xx

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