BOOK REVIEW: The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst


I love reading. If you’re familiar with my blog, or you’ve seen me crouching behind my desk at work, you already know that. And as I grow in my faith and try to figure out how to be a better little human, I love reading books about changing and overcoming obstacles.

Something you might not know about me though, is that I’m a pushover. I’m too cautious, I hate risk-taking, and I am reserved. Confrontation is something I avoid at ALL costs.

Book 30/40 for me this year was Lysa TerKeurst’s The Best Yes, and BOY, was it a good one. TerKeurst is a new one for me; I read Uninvited earlier this year, and really loved it, but I didn’t feel like it was very relevant to my life at that time. While there were some parts which spoke to me, I wasn’t really having the “Oh my word, that’s soooo me!” moment that other readers seemed to be having. However, The Best Yes was much more tailored to a chica like me.

What I love about this book is that it debunks the myth that Christians are not just “yes” people- you don’t HAVE to say yes to everything, because when you do, you’ll wear yourself out, and then you’re good for nothing! As TerKeurst says, “Not every assignment is my assignment. Notice that doesn’t say no assignment is my assignment. I have assignments to generously give and lavishly love and open my home” (61). It’s a reminder I think that many of us need to hear, that of course, we’ll say yes to some things, but we shouldn’t say yes to everything. She even goes on to discuss how sometimes, our ‘no’ gives someone else the chance to say ‘yes’, and maybe that assignment is better suited to them! It is a great perspective for someone who feels guilty about everything!

I also loved the part about knowing God’s will, which is something I’ve struggled with a lot in recent times. With having OCD, I can be seriously worried that I’m doing something “wrong”. But TerKeurst has it covered, and responds to this fear in a way I love: “…so many people stress over knowing God’s will and what the right choice to make is. But sometimes God gives us two or more choices that would all please Him and be in His will. We get to choose” (80). I love that idea- of course, there are wrong choices, but there CAN be more than one right choice!

Speaking of OCD, I felt like chapter 4 was especially good for me, as it dealt a lot with wisdom- gaining wisdom, and discerning truth from what is not so true. I felt at times like it was written just for me, as I have spent days, even weeks, dealing with tricky, intrusive thoughts.

Similarly, Chapter 3 was another section which really spoke to me- I adore writing, and blogging, but when life takes over, I often feel guilty about carving out an hour to sit and write. Chapter 3 talks about “soul time”, about how it’s good for you to make that time in your schedule for things that light you up inside- things that are important to you, using the gifts you’ve been given!! It really spoke to me in that sometimes, I neglect my creativity, when really, it honours God more when I make use of the gifts I’ve been given!

TerKeurst relies a lot on personal experiences, which is fantastic, because you can really relate to her. Seeing that someone else has been through similar experiences makes them much more human; she comes across as being very humble. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I can connect with a book so much more when the author really opens up and lets you dip into their reality!

This is a five/five star book for me; even for non Christian folks, it is a great shout.


What is on your bookshelves at the moment guys? Let me know if you have any recommendations for me, similar or not!

A bientot,


Amber xx

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