7 Ways to Create Little Moments of Happiness in an Otherwise Dreary Week: Un-Happy Tuesday!

Mondays. Everybody loves to hate them. Having always been a massive nerd however, I looked forward to a Monday; Monday meant back to school, the start of a new week, showing off that poster I’d spent hours colouring in on Saturday while my comrades were out on the lash. When I said “massive” nerd, I meant “colossal,” yes. But do you know what I hate more than a Monday?



Tuesdays are the day after the fresh beginning, the day when work really needs to be flowing, when there’s a million and one things to before any hint of a weekend. Everyone hates a Monday, but I think Tuesdays are pants. Big smelly ones at that.

As I type this, I’m sleepy and wondering how the heck I’m going to get through this crazy week of work. My hatred of Tuesdays is growing as I think of how my next day off is 7 days away. Seven days!? Yikes.

So with that in mind, I’ve spent the morning sipping my coffee and trying to think of little things I could do during the week to keep me going; treats to myself that don’t take up too much time, to spur me on during the week. These are simple little activities that bring me happiness and hey, maybe they’ll help you, too!

  1. Reading

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then this is an obvious one. There is nothing I love more than losing myself in a good book!! I started (and finished) reading Girl Online: Going Solo yesterday (no hate, please), and became so absorbed in the book-I was literally walking home and reading it as I toddled along! If you get your hands on a good read, you can’t go wrong. Whether you read it on your commute, on your lunch break, or snuggled up in bed at the end of a long day, there is nothing like a book to break up the monotony of la vie quotidienne!


2. Going for a walk

Again, super simple! But it’s so easy to get stuck in a work rut, and come home at the end of a long day wanting nothing more than to curl up in a ball on the sofa with your doggy for some much-needed cuddles. I set myself the goal of hitting 10,000 steps every day this month, but that hasn’t gone well… I always feel so much better when I do though! It doesn’t have to be a looooong walk, just enough to get yourself out of the house and breathe in some fresh air. Personally, I love a good walk on the beach, and we have a few beautiful spots here in Northern Ireland which make for gooooood walking!


3. Having brunch

I love brunch- any breakfast-y food covered in syrup makes me happy! So if I’m having a particularly busy drag-of-a-week, I’ll treat myself to a lovely breakfast/brunch to cheer myself up. Works like a charm!


4. Morning coffee

O how I love thee! Morning coffee is BAE, guys. I know not everyone is a coffee lover, but I think I’ve become one of those people who can’t function until they’ve slurped down their caffeine. When I’m working in Bushmills, I get a lift down which leaves me an hour early for work, so I have a little coffee in a cafe close by to where I work. I spend an hour drinking coffee, reading, and relaxing, and at that time of the day, it’s always super quiet. Perrrrrrrfect!


5. Seeing friends

When life is busy, it is easy to neglect seeing your besties for a catch up. Especially now since I’ve changed jobs, it’s been hard for me to see some of the gals I was super close with! So carving out time to spend with my pals and the bae becomes a priority during those manic weeks- yes, I’m tired, but surrounding myself with good people perks me up, and gets me out of the house! Whether it’s as simple as grabbing an ice cream together, or as fabulous as having a fire on the beach, friends make you slow down in busy weeks, and it’s wonderful.


6. Planning something to look forward to

I find that having something to look forward to is a great way of boosting my morale- Chris and I are heading to Edinburgh next month, and I cannot wait! I love that city, and am excited to return. Knowing that that trip is on the horizon makes me happy, and gets me through the stressful, hectic place I now find myself in. I’m not saying you have to book a holiday in order to perk yourself up- just plan a day in the future where you’re going to do something really nice for yourself, and stick to it!


7. Get Creative!

When one boring evening starts to merge into another, I like to mix it up, and do something different. Baking has become my thing recently, and so when I’m tired and find myself tempted to lounge in front of the TV, I throw myself into the kitchen, and make something delicious instead. It means I don’t get stuck in the trap of being a wee couch potato every night, and plus, I can make cake, and then eat it- what’s not to love? Alternatively, I’ll pull out my journal Bible, and fill the pages with colour, or I’ll go out and take pictures of pretty things. Anything to break up the evening a little bit!



So that’s how I’m going to get through this crazy week- I’ll read, I’ll see friends, and do the things on this list to make me feel positive and productive. Long weeks can feel like torture, but we’ll struggle on!

How do you guys like to inject happiness into the daily grind when you’ve got a lot on? Let me know!

(Also for anyone familiar with Edinburgh, what should we do while we’re there!?!?!)

A bientot,


Amber xx

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