Unwinding: How I Relax and Get Ready for Sleep!

Hellllooooooooo lovely humans! I hope you’re all having a great week so far!

I feel like at the grand old age of 22, my catchphrase is “I’m tired”. Or maybe, there aren’t even words, just an elongated YAAAAAAAwwwwwwn. I’m always taking on too much work, or worrying about something to the point where I can’t sleep, and so clean instead, or I’ll get lost in a good book and before I know it, it’s two hours later than I’d hoped to go to bed. Life gets BUSY, and especially now having switched jobs, seeing my friends and le boyf is that little bit tougher, and requires a little more planning and effort than before.

I’m not complaining at all- please do not think that! If I’m not busy, I get antsy and fidgety. I like having things to do! But it does meant that I have to be extra careful to unwind in the evenings. It can be oh so easy to just grab the laptop and binge YouTube until I fall asleep, but when I wake in the morning, I don’t feel energised or refreshed- i just feel like a cold chip; stodgy, bleh and starchy. Nice image there, I know.

However, deeeeeep down I know that the way for me to wake up feeling super relaxed and not totally exhausted from a night of fitful slumber, is to have wound down gradually the night before. Slowly and soothingly, I’ll ease myself into a contented state, ready for a snooze. And today, I’m going to share with you lovely people just how I invoke this state!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t do everything on this list every single night, but I try to do as many as possible. It really works!


This is the all important step to begin with- taking off my make up is the first signal to my body that it’s relax-time. I use coconut oil to remove my make up, and then I wash my face with the YesTo Grapefruit facial scrub. Now my wee skin is squeaky clean, and I’m ready to move on!


I also find that using coconut oil to remove my make up is fabulous because it results in me giving myself a mini-facial massage, which is lovely.



Until recently, I was the biggest culprit for wearing workout gear to bed. Literally, all of my gear doubled up as jammies. However, when reading Present Over Perfect recently, the writer made a really good point about the wearing of pj’s. She said that when we put gym clothes on, our mindset automatically goes to “Yeah, game on! Let’s CRUSH IT, time to SWEAT!!” because we associate those items with workouts (occasionally, lol), and therefore our minds can become more alert. However, when we have pyjamas that we ONLY WEAR when going to bed, our mindset changes- our wee bodies know that these clothes mean it’s time to relax, unwind and slumber, and so with something SO SIMPLE as a pair of jammies, we can change our night’s sleep!

I decided to give this a go, and so I bought these pyjamas from ASOS. They were only £15.50, and they’re really light and comfortable- I also love the print. I have noticed that when I put them on, I do have a different attitude, and feel excited to get cosy in my blankets!



I physically struggle to hop into my bed if I haven’t made it yet- curling up under sheets which you’ve taken the time to fix, and lying your weary head atop perfectly positioned pillows, that’s something special, folks. I love the feeling of walking into my bedroom, and gazing at the perfectly made bed, beckoning me to tumble in and sleep- it’s so much more calming and inviting!


Getting your room ready for sleep is so important. I flick of my main light, and put on my lamp, which is dimmer and therefore, creates a more relaxing atmosphere. Normally, I’ll light a candle too, to scent the room and give it that warm glow (ALWAYS remember to blow out your candles before sleeping, kids!). I love my Amber Moon Yankee Candle- not JUST because of its excellent name- but because the smell is rich, and makes me sleepy. I did have a WoodWick candle for ages there, but it’s finally burnt out. I miss hearing the delicious crackling sound; it was seriously soothing!


I’ll also take the time to quickly lift any dirty clothes, or move any major obstructions of floorspace. All of these little preparations make me feel extremely cosy.


Yes, I know- some people hate feet, even their own! But I know that my feet get tired, and they need some TLC. So when I’m unwinding, I’ll take a foot cream, slather a copious amount onto my tootsies, and then stuff them into a pair of fluffy socks. It might sound gross, but honestly, it is SUCH a relaxing feeling. Plus, in the morning, you’ll wake up with the softest feet ever- what’s not to love? The foot cream I’m currently using was actually in a Glossybox I received recently, and the smell is divine! I also love the Soap and Glory ones!


Massaging your feet is a great way to relax your body- all those reflexologists are onto something, I’m telling you!


Hot drinks have always been a source of comfort to me; I find them soothing and relaxing, possibly because they remind me of getting cosy at winter. So there’s nothing I love more at night than to curl up in my bed with a hot beverage. Normally, I’ll have a bog standard cup of tea, but recently, I’ve been enjoying drinking hot water with lemon before bed. It’s sweet, refreshing, and calms me right down. I’ll make it in one of my favourite mugs, so that I feel extra snuggly.



This is basically my last step. Now that I’ve done all of the above, it’s time to leap under the covers, and start reading! I’ll normally do a chapter of my Bible, and then I’ll pick up whatever book I’ve been reading recently. Tonight, it’ll be Graham Norton’s autobiography, but it’s different almost every night. I do spend the night watching YouTube sometimes, but I’m weaning myself off it, in pursuit of literary pleasures!


And that’s about everything! Thank you so much for reading- I hope you enjoying my wee post, and if there’s something that you do to relax before bed which I haven’t included, just let me know below!

A Bientôt,


Amber xx

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