beauté: Coconut Oil as Make Up Remover-Worth The Hype?!

Halllllloooooooo lovely lads and lassies! Hope this post finds you well.

Is it just me, or did the Internet World go a little bit CRAZY for coconut oil last year? All of a sudden, you were scum if you weren’t cooking with coconut oil; you were seriously uncool if you didn’t bake with coconut oil, and were you even living in the 21st Century if you weren’t smearing it all over your face at the end of the day?!

I don’t know about you, but I generally don’t head to the kitchen when looking for my make up remover, nor do I head to my make up drawer when I’m about to bake a cake…

To say I was sceptical about ye olde coconut-oil-as-a-make-up-remover therefore, would have been an understatement.


As you may or may not know, I’ve been making a conscious effort to try more cruelty free brands, and as much as I adore my beloved Garnier Micellar water, unfortunately, it doesn’t meet that criteria. So, I needed to find something new, something that would work as effectively…

While having a little nosy around Holland and Barrett, I noticed little mini pots of Coconut Oil on sale for £2, and I figured ‘Hey, it is worth a shot!’ So i bit the bullet, and have been using coconut oil as a cleanser for about two weeks now. This post is me reporting back, so if any of you are skeptical like I was, here is my honest, unbiased opinion and findings!



  • Coconut oil really does melt your make up off!! As I rub it into my skin, I literally see the make up sliding down my cheeks. There’s no rubbing and scrubbing the way you might have to do with a make up wipe.
  • It is gentle- no stinging eyes, no worries for sensitive skin, this stuff is very easy on the face. I find that other cleansers leave my face looking really red and blotchy once I’ve finished removing my make up, or my skin can feel very hot and prickly, but coconut oil is much better suited to me for that reason.
  • The smell is great: no rubbishy chemical smell, it naturally smells great! For the record, I generally dislike coconut as a smell and flavour, but it’s actually very subtle and yummy.
  • You only need a tiny bit! Whereas I can get through a LOT of my micellar water, the teeniest scoop of coconut oil goes a long way. My latest tub cost £3, and that’s for a HUGE tub from Tesco!
  • My skin has been feeling a lot softer- I have dry skin, and have definitely noticed that it’s looking brighter, and feeling really smooth, too!
  • It’s a really versatile product- I use this all over my body as a moisturiser, and literally, it’s changed my life!!



  • Eye make up can still be a little tricky. While it does get most of it, I find that I need to keep returning to that area, and pay it extra attention to avoid serious panda transformations…
  • It can be expensive depending on where you’re buying it- don’t be fooled by the health food shop prices!! Get it in your local supermarket for literally a quarter of the price.


I am loving using this stuff on my skin- I feel like my skin drinks it up! My current night time skin care involves cleansing with that, then using my YesTo Grapefruit exfoliating cleanser, and then a light layer of coconut oil as a moisturiser afterwards. Veering towards the natural has my skin looking (and feeling!) really healthy!


I have been forced to eat my words- I’m a coconut oil convert, guys. Let me know below if you’ve ever tried it, OR if you have a really awesome cruelty-free make up remover that I should try, please let me know!


A bientôt,


Amber xx

5 Comments Add yours

  1. suzielily says:

    I love coconut oil too! I usually use it as a hair mask. I did try it as a makeup remover once but I used way too much and ended up getting it in my eyes :’) x

    1. Amber says:

      Ohhhhh, I haven’t tried it as a hair mask yet, but I so will! 🙂 I know what you mean, it is too easy to rub loads into your eyes, but I have found using the teeniest possible amount is the way to avoid it!! xx

      1. suzielily says:

        You should give it a go! It makes my hair so soft and it’s a lot cheaper than buying a hair mask in stores! I think I’ll give it another go as a makeup remover and take your advice to just use a tiny amount 🙂 xx

  2. I LOVE coconut oil! It is a wonderful product. Like you, I was a bit skeptical at first. I really didn’t want to smell like I’d been tanning all day, EVERY day. But now I use it on everything and everywhere! I even started oil pulling with it…and it actually works as well. My teeth are whiter. Who knew?! I’ve used it for several years now…and wouldn’t go back to a lot of the chemicals I once used. Works wonders on my hands and feet in the winter.

    1. Amber says:

      Oh it is SO good! I’m using it as moisturiser and everything to keep my skin smooth as we move into colder days here in not-so-sunny Ireland! I find now having used it for a few weeks if I use one of my other moisturisers, they sting my skin because they’re so harsh now compared to coconut oil!! 🙂

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