Tapas Night!

Hello my lovelies!

I am very lucky to have some wonderful, fabulous girls in my life; back in the distillery, all of us got along so well, and even though many of us have come and gone, we all make an effort to stay in touch.

My beautiful friend Rachel is heading off to Romania next week, to volunteer and help communities out there- such a kind, generous wee woman she is! And so we wanted to be able to see her one more time before she headed off until Christmas.

HOWEVER, such the kind-hearted gal she is, instead of us doing something for her, she had a tapas night for us! Rachel has lived in Spain a few times, but we did not know that she’d picked up SUCH mad skills!

As I’ve been working a lot recently, it was nice to wear something that wasn’t my white shirt, ‘trainee’ name tag and pink tourism scarf! I opted for my comfy Levi’s (aka my roomiest jeans so I could eat loads) and this red striped top I got in H&M.

I felt super chic and parisienne; my friends said I looked like Where’s Wally- haha!



Rachel being the hostess with the mostest, she decorated the dining room beautifully- like a Pinterest-addicts DREAM.



I see you Laura!



We had these amazing starters, with chorizo, cheese, basil, tomatoes, aubergine, and just general, dreamy deliciousness!




Our main was A-MAIN-ZING! Tortillas, calamari, salad, garlic mushrooms, and fig, goats cheese tartlets- where is the heart-eyes emoji when you need it?!?!






For dessert, my love and rap-partner extraordinaire Laura whipped up this amazing concoction of mandarins, whipped cream and crunchies. I barely had any room left by this stage, but my dessert stomach rumbled, and I couldn’t resist!





This was such a great night with some of the gang; it’s a funny wee stage in life where we’re all doing different things. Two heading back to uni, two heading off to foreign counties to help others, and two working away, figuring out how to fit in as many holidays as possible.


Like I said, I feel so lucky to have such wonderful ladies in my life. Big thank you to Rachel again for cooking up a storm- who knew our girl was such a domestic goddess!?




A bientôt,


Amber xx

4 Comments Add yours

  1. noor tahir says:

    You’re beautiful 😍

    1. Amber says:

      You are actually too sweet!! So are you 😀 x

  2. sarahquinn says:

    I always wear a slightly baggy top too, to hide the undone button after eating 😉

    1. Amber says:

      Haha YES!! That is my kind of thinking 😉

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