beauté- Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Review

Aside from books, lipstick is my downfall.

I am a sucker for bright colours and pretty packaging.

My Estée Lauder lipstick will forever and always be my all-time favourite, but I’m always on the lookout for a new lippies to add to my ever-expanding collection*.

(*More like shrine at this stage, but we’ll move on.)

Charlotte Tilbury was a brand I’d never purchased from before; I’d watched her do make up looks on YouTube, and salivated over her counters in many a department store, but I’d never taken the plunge and actually forked out the dolla as a little treat to myself. However, as I veer towards more cruelty free brands, CT came up on a few different lists as being 100% good and anti-hurting-of-adorable-bunnies, and so I thought, heck, maybe my new favourite lipstick lies within her collection!


I put in a Selfridges order (the one in which I got this mascara) and chose the Red Carpet Red lipstick. I did a LOT of research before picking this shade- my eyes were almost square from looking at swatches on the computer screen all day! However, this colour was said to be a classic, glamorous rouge, and that sounded great to me.

Firstly, let’s talk packaging, because oh my days, this is GORGEOUS. The burgundy box (which, by the way, I haven’t thrown out yet- it’s too special!!), and then that rose-gold bullet oh my… it was all a bit much. I think I was literally holding my breath while taking it out of the box.


But what about the actual product itself?

I would describe this as an overall good red- it is one of those reds which I think is designed to suit many different complexions. Whereas I normally like an orangey red, this is much more of a “true” red, if you get me? Which is nice, for a wee change, but took a bit of getting used to.


It reminds me of Taylor Swift; if you were asked to choose the colour of lipstick you associated with Miss Feelin’ 22, it’d be this exact shade.


Here’s where I’ve not been loving the lipstick- the formula is… different? Different to what I am used to? It’s not very creamy, and takes a little bit of effort to apply. Being a red, you do obviously have to be careful, but the shape of this lipstick makes it easy to run over the edges of your lips- that, I understand, will change in time, as I use it and I dulls down.

I do like the colour, and once you’ve applied the lipstick, it does look great. A really Snow White kind of feel. However, the minute you eat or drink something, you’d better have it close to hand. Unlike my trusty Estee which doesn’t budge or smudge, this rascal has a tendency of removing itself from my mouth, upon any contact with food. The effort makes me sad, as I am a lazy being!


I’ve decided to use it for a little bit longer before I make my final verdict. So I am on the fence with this one- what do you guys think? Have you tried a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick? If so, what’d you think of it?

A bientot


Amber xx

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