Cruelty-Free Shampoo and Conditioner- YesTo Range!

Well hello gorgeous people!

I’ve been making a conscious effort to buy more cruelty-free beauty products, which has been tough, let me tell you. Why is it so hard to be good?! While hunting down make up has been one challenge, finding a CF shampoo and conditioner was a different story altogether. Turns out those hair companies are a bunch of oul rascals *dramatic fist shaking*…

But then I heard that YesTo were a good place to start, and as I couldn’t find them anywhere in poky wee Northern Ireland, I ordered a shampoo and conditioner from ASOS. Ah ASOS, you beautiful, beautiful thing!

The price was a little bit steeper than your average, “drugstore” alternative- £5 for the shampoo, and £6 for the conditioner. Thankfully, I have student discount, and free delivery, so that DID sweeten the deal a little bit.

I wasn’t really sure what to go for or where to start, if I’m honest, as normally, I like to smell the hair products I’m about to buy? So in the end, I went for the Blueberry shampoo, as I LOVE blueberries, and the Coconut Conditioner.

I have been using both products now for almost three weeks, and I thought I’d give them a little review…



The blueberry shampoo is meant to be suited to frizzy hair- personally, I’m pretty lucky that frizziness is something I generally don’t have an issue with, but having said that, I can report that after two weeks of using this, I have noticed that my hair has been super sleek. I think that is the shampoo, as I imagine it’s designed to smoothen and tame frizzy cheveux. For me, the overwhelming scent is more like Camomile, but I personally love that, as it’s very soothing. I will say though, that it maybe doesn’t lather as much as shampoos I normally used would, and results in me using a little bit more than I normally would, but it does leave my hair feeling refreshed, and very clean afterwards. It rinses out nicely, and then, I’m ready for part two!



Oh. My. Flipping. GOODNESS. THIS STUFF IS MAGICAL!! I’ll be honest and say that I am not the biggest lover of coconuts- I don’t really like the taste, and the smell can make me feel a bit nauseated at times. But the smell of this stuff is stunning- it’s made me actually like coconut, and I look forward to using this!! The smell also stays in my hair for ages afterwards; the next day, I’ll run my hand through my hair at work, and get a waft of the scent, which is beautiful! You really don’t need very much product- I just work it from mid-section down, and then rinse it out. Like the shampoo, it rinses out really easily, which is great when I’m running late for work in the morning!

After two weeks, I can report that my hair feels softer, and lighter- I have really thick hair, which often feels really heavy? But this combination leaves my hair feeling really clean and light. I also think my hair has been looking a lot shinier, too, which is never a bad thing!


I’ve been thoroughly impressed by these products- I can’t lie, I don’t normally like change, and so the thought of trying something new, especially hair-wise, was a bit daunting, and I had an eyebrow raised. But I am loving these products so far, and will 100% repurchase from this brand again*!

(*I already have- it didn’t take long haha!)

Have you guys tried YesTo’s hair products before? Or do you have any other CF brands I should know about?

A bientôt,


Amber xx

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