Knackered, but I have biscuits.


You may have noticed I took a few days off there- I didn’t post anything from Tuesday until today, thus breaking the pretty consistent flow of writing I had going. There are a couple of reasons; firstly, I was away in Edinburgh last weekend (which I’ll be blogging about on Monday so, put your excited hats on!) and so I let myself step away from the keyboard, and just breathe in the city.

*SPOILER ALERT: I love Edinburgh, and had a lot of fun. And tapas.*


Secondly, I had a few days off work, too, and a lot of my blog ideas seem to come into fruition in between serving customers. Something about the environment is soothing and calm, and I get a lot of planning done, which helps the flow of bloggery a lot.

And thirdly, the most honest reason- I’m absolutely flipping shattered.

Like, I am flinging flanging exhausted here, people!

I know in my heart that my posts aren’t as good as they could be when I just fire them out willy nilly, and so I wanted to wait until I found a night where I could come home from work and just type until my wee heart was content. But every night I’d come home, slither into the closest available pyjamas, and curl up beneath a blanket.

Not so productive.

I am the WORST person at looking after myself- I take on too much, I forget to take my medication and I put everyone else before me to the point where I crash and burn. I need to practice self-care a little bit more, so that’s what I’m going to make time for this weekend. I’ll be back on Monday with more delicious ramblings of an Amber-y nature, I promise. I just needed a few days to sleep, and do nothing.

I hope that you guys take time to do nothing as well, every so often.

One thing which really stuck with me from a church service a while back was that idea of ‘pouring into others’- whether that’s your time, energy or attention. But when you yourself are empty, and have nothing to give, then you have nothing to pour.

Remember to take time to fill yourselves back up, lovely people!

Now, I’m going back to work, but about the aforementioned biscuits (from the title)- I found Banoffee Caramel digestives in the Co-op across the road from me, and I can assure you, they are every bit as delicious as they sound. If you are on your phone and click here now, you can see ’em on my Instagram story.


A bientot (and I really do mean soon!)

Amber xx



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  1. Every now and then we all need a little break from our ‘lives’. I pray you have a peaceful, restful weekend. Looking forward to your post on Monday!

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