Ber in Edinburgh: Part One!

Ah Edinburgh, how I love thee.

Last year, le boyf and I spent a magical few days in Scotland’s stunning capital, and we haven’t stopped talking about it since. Seriously, we fell in love with the city, and vowed we would return someday soon. So when Chris and I realised we were working a little bit too hard, and needed some downtime, we booked our tickets and our AirBnb, and we were ready to go!


We arrived early in the morning, and set out to find caffeine and sugar- 6 am starts are not the one. I remembered that last year, we’d really wanted to try the cafe in Waterstones on Princess Street, and so that’s exactly where we went! The counter was filled with a selection of cupcakes which looked incredible, and we just HAD to get one…


The coffee was pretty good, too!

After a while of parousing the shop, I decided what my book purchase of the holiday was going to be- Girl Up, by Laura Bates. I recently read her novel Everyday Sexism, and LOVED it, and so decided to give this one a go. They had a whole feminist section going on, and really awesomely covered James Joyce novels- what’s not to love?!


Chris then declared he had not been sufficiently caffeinated, and so we went to another coffee shop to catch up with our friend Cham, who now lives in Edinburgh. The Wellington Coffee shop is a small cafe tucked underneath a perfume shop- it’s one of the many establishments in the city where you have to go down some steps to get inside. It wasn’t too cold, and so we sat outside sipping our delicious Chai Lattes.


We strolled up and down George Street, dipping in and out of the shops, and whilst in White Stuff, I saw them- the most beautiful pair of black dungarees my wee eyes had ever seen. You have no idea how long I have been wanting a pair of these things, and when I tried them on, they fit me perfectly!! I often have a hard time with playsuits/pinafores, being a small chick with big hips, but these are fantastic, and SUCH good quality! One of the best parts of the buying experience though, was the changing room. It had an underwater theme, and each changing room was different- they’ve all been designed by school kids in Edinburgh. You HAVE to check them out!



After a spot of shopping, Chris and I realised just how tired we were after our early morning start, and so we headed to our AirBnb to have a nap.

The accommodation was stunning- about 10 minutes from the Old Town, in a gorgeous townhouse. We were in awe at how pretty and chic everything looked! Like you know when you’re little, and you see a house you like in a magazine, and you say “That’s what my house’ll be when I grow up!” That is exactly how Chris and I would like our house to be (when we grow up which will be when, 50 years?)


After yet another coffee in the gorgeous kitchen, I had a snooze while Chris read his book.

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Then, it was dinner time! Last time we went to Edinburgh, we ate in the amazing Bread Meats Bread, and so as Cham had never been there, we thought it’d be nice to show him one of our faves. I had a grilled cheese sandwich with pepperoni, and poutine. Canada, you created a beautiful thing.


After stuffing ourselves to capacity, we popped around the corner to Lebowski’s for some White Russians. I LOVE a White Russian, and what’s great about this bar is that it specializes in my tipple of choice, providing a HUGE variety of flavours. I went for “The Toe”, which was a mint version of the classic cocktail. If you’ve ever had a choc pop- it was pretty similar, and oh so yummy!!


Lebowski’s was terrifyingly noisy, so we headed to another bar called The Tap, where I had some Edinburgh gin. It’s a really sweet and light gin, which I mixed with lemonade, and it was so refreshing.

After our action packed day and our early start, we were pretty tired, and so we bid Cham adieu and headed back to our AirBnb for a quick slumber before our second day of Edinburgh excitement!

I’m going to write about the second half of our adventures a little bit later on, so keep your eyes peeled for another Scot-tastic blog post later this week!!


A Bientot,


Amber xx

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  1. Well, I hope you had a peaceful and restful weekend LAST weekend. 😉 After I commented on that last post, I realized I was a week behind. LOVED reading about this and the pictures. I’ve never been to Europe, but I love reading about the old cities. My brother is in France right now and has been sharing pictures…so beautiful! I always laugh when people here in Kansas talk about ‘old’ structures…meaning the mid to late 1800’s! Even when we lived on the east coast and toured the Boston area, you could tour places almost 250 years old. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Amber says:

      You HAVE to visit Europe! I mean I guess I’m lucky living here (although for how much longer will I technically be a European citizen?! 😥 ) I can easily just hop from place to place, whereas I can only imagine that the length of time it would take me to get to Italy from where i live, you’d be a few states over? :/ But yeah, visit Europe, it is fantastic. Plus, I’m sure you have family connections or relatives who came over from Europe to the states, so REALLY, it would be like a homecoming… (am I making a good enough argument? 😉 )

      1. Yes, many of my ancestors came over from Norway and Sweden about 150 years ago…so not that long ago. You made a great argument! 😉

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