Edinburgh 2017- Part Deux!

Well hello there gorgeous humans!

Today, I’m going to tell you what we did on the rest of our Edinburgh adventures in September.

If you missed the first installment, click here and have a wee read before sinking your teeth into this post.

I hope my absolute adoration of this amazing city comes across (I really am obsessed!)


We woke up early in our cosy little AirBnb, and, following our host’s advice, went to a coffee shop not too far from where we were staying. Macchiato is a really lovely little coffee shop- think minimalist, scandi-design, and hipster-tastic, and you’ve got the right idea. I am pretty sure the girl who served us was French, so it instantly gained a 12/10 from me before I’d even ordered any food. And let’s not forget the GORGEOUS doggy- a massive husky who literally just chills in the corner all day. The cinnamon buns and flat whites were just the icing on top of a very exciting, breakfast-y cake for me!


After munching, we called back to the AirBnb, I put on some make up in an attempt to look and feel more human, and then we set out to meet our friend Cham. For the past two years, I had been DYING to go to Mary’s Milk Bar- a famous ice cream shop with a great view of the castle. However, last year when we arrived, stoked to go inside and eat all the gelato in the world, it was closed; they had to take some time to chill after the business of the Fringe festival. I was gutted, but vowed to return, and so that was exactly what we did.


It was very small and sweet inside- dainty and cutesy. There wasn’t a massive selection of flavours, but apparently they change them up all the time, and the flavours which were available all sounded incredible. I went for two scoops myself- one salted caramel, and one tea and jam. Tea and Jam? I hear your brains whirring at what kind of conglamoration that is, but TRUST me, it was gooooood. We ate our ice cream outside on a bench with the most wonderful view of Edinburgh castle.

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Gelato et un château🍦

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After a quick stroll around the shops (including the really cool Harry Potter store, complete with wands and all!) we stopped for a coffee, before making it to Greyfriars Bobby to join the free Harry Potter tour. Connor, Chris and myself are all huge Potterheads, and so we were really excited to give the tour a go. Our guide, Richard, was lovely- so well-informed, quirky, and what a performer! He walked us around the graveyard where J K Rowling may have found the inspiration for many of the characters’ names, and we saw some of her local haunts from when she herself lived and worked in Edinburgh. It was so exciting to live the magic in the city where many of the books came to life. When walking around Edinburgh, there are several streets or landmarks where you catch yourself thinking ‘I bet she had this in mind when she was writing about_____’. Seriously, if you enjoy HP and you find yourself in Edinburgh, it is well-worth doing!




Afterwards, we headed to Brewdog, where Chris and Cham had flight of beers to try, while I sampled some Lone Wolf Gin. AKA probably the best gin I had while in Edinburgh!




We then headed to what is possibly my favourite eatery in the whole world- Topalabamba. It’s a Mexican tapas place which we tried last year, and fell in love with, so seeing as Cham is now living in Edinburgh, we thought it only right that we would bring him there. Between the three of us, we ordered a LOT of food, but man, was it good. The guacamole is the best I’ve ever tasted, and don’t even get me started on those salted and pepper fries- good GRIEF.


They also serve Jarritos, which is just stunning.


Then, to finish off our lovely evening, we went back to Lebowskis, for a (few) nightcap(s). I had two drinks- a Toe, and a Woo, and honestly, they were incredible. We rocked up halfway through a pub quiz, and spent the evening laughing like idiots.


(NOTE: I spent the evening laughing like an idiot. The other two were laughing at me cry-laughing!)

We then said goodbye to Cham, and went back to our cosy AirBnb for a long snooze before our last day commenced.


Monday was a day of tying up loose ends- I wanted to buy Girl Up in Waterstones, and so we headed back there, but not before we’d made time for some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. I had a pepperoni melt, which was quite simply a mini pizza. HEAVENLY.


We went back to the Wellington Coffee Place, for one more lovely Chai Latte before we had to hop on the bus to go to the airport.


Monday was a quick jaunt around the shops- nothing too exciting, but just soaking up the magic of Edinburgh before heading back to Porridge-ville.

And that is really it! I am SO GLAD we decided to take a long weekend away- I’ve been working 10 day stretches all summer, and Chris was working like a maniac in McDonalds- we both really needed our time away, and I’m so thankful we had the means and the nice bosses to let us go away.

I’m already trying to plan another escape- where should we go to next? Where have you had a fantastic city break?

I love you all lots, and hope you’re all having a good week!

A Bientot,


Amber xx


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