Current Favourites: October 2017


It’s that time once again where I tell you wonderful Internet humans what I have been loving the past wee while.

As ever, I format this post a little bit differently to most folks- let me know what you think of this style!


Having two jobs has meant I’ve been stuck in a bit of a make up rut- I have a small Cath Kidston bag with about five products in it, which I attempt to slather over my face while I’m still mostly asleep on the train. However, I have 3 definite stand out facial-enhancers:

  • Illamasqua Brow Powder in ‘Thunder’

I’ve been using this all summer and seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else. My eyebrows are very thick, so they don’t need a lot of work- I mostly use this to fill in the small gaps of caterpillariness. Occasionally, I will put in a tad more effort, and actually elongate those bad boys as well, because according to my beautician, I have quite short brows (this wasn’t new information- I did notice this, having had my eyebrows for at least my whole life). What I love is that this shade is perfect for me- not too light, and not a ghastly looking dark shade either. I apply it with my bare Minerals eyebrow brush, which is another beautiful creation.

  • Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara

THIS STUFF! It makes my eyelashes go from “We’re a bit tired tbh” to “SHAZAAM, I HAVE ARRIVED!!!” I have blogged about it already (click here for le info) but honestly, I have found THE mascara.

  • Vaseline Rosy Lips lip balm

The newest newbie in my make up bag. I picked this up while at work one day as I really just needed a lip balm- you know when you just need a lip balm? And I’m a big fan. I like that it moisturises, isn’t sticky, and has a tiny hint of pink. Plus, the huge advantage to it not being in the little metal tin? Doesn’t do that thing where it melts when it gets hot, and you end up with about 300 tonnes of lippy on your index finger when you only wanted a teeny weeny bit. Marvelous!


Okay I hope?! Nah, in all seriousness I have been using my Viva La Juicy perfume all summer- I’m almost out, but I LOVE this stuff so much. Sweet, but not sickly, and comes in a cute little bottle.

This maybe shouldn’t count in this section (but this is MY blog so I say it’s fine), but my mammy comments on it every time I use it, and I have to agree with her that it is one of my favourite smells ever. Everybody loves a cheeky wee bit of dry shampoo, right? Me too. And so I went to grab some Batiste with my shopping one day, saw that it was all CRAZILY expensive, except for the new Rose Gold version, and popped it into my basket, praying it would smell okay and I wouldn’t want to gag every time I used it (I really hate their tropical one). I LOVE THIS. It smells like unicorns and dreams, and any time I use it, everyone looks shocked and says ‘Oh my word Amber, you smell so good!’ and their shock worries me and makes me think flip do I not normally smell that great!? But then I realise it’s just because they’ve been overcome by the amazingness of the dry shampoo, and I understand.



You’d think that with two jobs, I’d be doing okay money-wise, right?

Well, you’re wrong. Working in retail is one of the most dangerous places a young, impressionable woman can find herself, and as such, a significant portion of my recent pay check was invested in delicious fashion items.

To be fair, I’ve also recently made a start on Christmas shopping, and so that contributed too!

However, the department store where I work recently had a big sale on, and my employee discount card for Oasis arrived, and I looked myself in the mirror, finger waggling in sheer ferocity, saying “Now, you can have one thing Amber. ONE. But don’t you dare go crazy”.

I wasn’t too bad in the end.

I got this amazing jumper which I’ve been eyeing up for ages- I actually set one aside so I could get it with my employee discount! I think it is just the most beautiful colour, and embroidery is so in this season. Plus, now that we are coming into autumn, I feel like all of the cutesy embroidered shirts just won’t do it for me any more- I am a cold little being, and therefore the thicker material will stand me in better stead for the chilly evenings ahead. The sleeves are adorable (say that one in French, by the way), and if it was possible to marry a jumper, this is what I’d marry.

Toddling downstairs, I thought ‘awk I’ll just have a wee look at the beauty section, so I will’, and that was my first mistake. The Perfume Shop had 15% off, and I ended up getting a bottle of Paco Rabanne Olympea, which is one of my old favourites. It was a real bargain though, as finding an eau de parfum for under £40 these days is almost as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Plus, I’m almost out of my beloved Viva La Juicy.

My final bank-balance-depletion came during my trip to Edinburgh, where I bought some black dungarees. As I explained in the post I wrote about Edinburgh, I’d been searching for over a year for overalls which actually fit me properly- 5 ft girls with big hips just don’t exist, according to dungaree makers?! These ones from White Stuff are the definition of perfect for me though.


The past wee while has seen me taking it rigggggght back to basics, and I’ve been slurping tea by the bucket load. Fair enough, it is basically a legal requirement to be obsessed with tea in Northern Ireland, but I think I’ve been drinking so much coffee recently, it’s been a great change to sip my old favourite. Especially if it’s in one of my favourite mugs.



Chris’s pasta. My word.

Chris makes this incredible pasta guys, and honestly, I have to ask myself whether or not I’m actually dating a small, rustic Italian man called Paolo who is walking around inside the body of a tall Derry-man. It’s (apparently) a really easy recipe (I say apparently because I tried it once when Chris wasn’t there, and it turned into an absolute disaster), but it is truly heaven on a stick. Drooling at the thought of it right now!



Probably this one.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I know it’s maybe not the most artsy photo I’ve taken this past wee while, but I love it. Me and my bestie in one of our favourite places. And we look cute.



Don’t ya know?! Turtles All The Way Down is here!! DFTBA fellow NerdFighters! I was so excited to hear that John Green was writing a new book, but it seems like one second he was announcing his new book-baby, and the next, I was holding my very own copy in my hands, a day ahead of the official release. Admittedly, I haven’t finished it yet- I know that many people have- but I’m slipping my way through it sloooooowly, savoring every last syllable. If you didn’t already know, Looking For Alaska is quite possibly my all-time favourite novel, so when I heard that this protagonist was a young gal with OCD, I almost exploded with excitement. I cannot wait to see where Green has gone with this story!


The Sun and her Flowers, aka the new release by Rupi Kaur. Can confirm it was fantastic- I may even have enjoyed it more than the first? I even found myself tearing up whilst reading it! While modern poetry isn’t always my fave, I do really enjoy Kaur’s work, and if you have read Milk and Honey, I feel like you’d really enjoy this, too.



  • I’ve been baking loads recently! My latest concoction was cinnamon rolls- they need a little bit of work (I think the recipe was not the greatest, as the dough wasn’t dough-y enough for me?) but that cinnamon-y centre? Hot DAYUM, these were amazing.


  • Morning coffee- I type this begrudgingly as I have the WORST caffeine-induced headache right now (my fault for drinking Kenko Millicano when I know it’s a no-go), but something I’ve been loving recently is chilling out in the morning for about 30 minutes, by myself, sipping coffee. Working odd shifts and not having a car means I have to rely on public transport, sometimes meaning when I get to my destination, there’s a bit of time to kill before I get to work. So I’ve taken to trying out the various coffee shops in Coleraine while I wait, and I actually look forward to that time now- relaxing, taking a pause before the madness starts. It’s a great way to start the day!


  • Chris being able to drive- yay! While I work my way through lessons for the foreseeable future, le boyf has only gone and got his test. The freedom of being able to drive about by ourselves and the novelty is not wearing off any time soon!


And that’s about it! Hope you guys like this format of bloggery- let me know what some of your current favourite things are from these categories!

A Bientot,


Amber xx




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