5 Products I never use, but can’t seem to part with…


Welcome back to the small corner of the Internet where the full strangeness of my brain is unleashed. Or, if you’re new here, good luck 😉

A few nights ago, I decided to root through my make up box, in an attempt to downsize my make up collection. I like to go through and make sure the products aren’t out of date, because the idea of slathering my face in crusty chemicals ain’t a pretty one, yeno? So, I tipped the box upside down, and whilst riffling through foundations and bronzers, something dawned on me…

I have my little favourites, and there’s a TONNE of stuff I have, but never, ever use. Thus, I started chucking and turfing until my little heart was delighted. However, I then realised that there were a few things I was resisting chucking out. A few bits and bobs that, despite never reaching for them, I couldn’t part with.

I thought this might be interesting as a blog post to show you what I’ve been neglecting, but still a little bit too in love with to turf out. I also challenge you guys to have a look through your make up products, and see what you’re holding onto and why!

  1. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation


I loved this foundation for a looooong time, but lately, I’ve been using my BareMinerals foundation or NARS tinted moisturiser instead. Normally, I like a more natural finish, but this is great for a full-coverage look. It’s a tad too dark, so this would be more of a go-to for me if I’ve put on some fake tan.

Why am I keeping this? Most likely because it’s a decent “occasion” foundation if you get me- good if you need a foundation that will last for a few hours, perhaps for a wedding or some other all day event?

2.  MAC Lip Liner in Boldly Bare


This lip liner was one of those “free products” you get when you have your make up done at MAC. I really liked the colour, but it’s not a shade I’d naturally reach for. For that one night, it was nice, but I love a good red lip if I’m doing lipstick, whereas this is very much a nudey mcnuderson.

Why am I keeping this? Honestly, I don’t know. I think it’s because for a glorified crayon, it cost a LOT.


3. MAC lipstick in Brave


This seems like an “anti-MAC” post, but I promise you it’s not! I got this lipstick the same night I got the lip pencil, and I 100% prefer the colour of this. There’s not a huge difference, but I’d say the lipstick is a tad more pink, and so not that total beige, Kylie Jenner look that was in last year, which I reeeeeeally can’t pull off. I love the name of this lipstick too- I know that’s not a reason to like something, but I can’t help it!

Why am I keeping this product? I know I will definitely use it again- I just needed to dig through my stuff in order to remind myself I had it!


4. Make Up For Ever highlighter


THIS STUFF! This is a really awesome product, which I got in Paris last year during a free Make Up Forever masterclass on the Champs Elysses (how many people get to say that?!) I was there with two of my lovely gals, and we had a blast trying out their ‘strobing’ technique with the product which has spent a few, lonely months in the bottom of my make up box. I love the colour of this product- it’s quite coppery, but obviously it goes on the cheekbones, so it is in no way orange! I love how easy it is to use and build up, and how lovely it looks on the skin.

Why am I keeping this product? I know for sure that I’ll use it again; as a lady of simple tastes, I don’t wear  what would be regarded as a “full face” every day, so I like to save products like this for when I’m REALLY going to town on the fiss.


5. ByTerry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow stick


Oh, this product. This was the first product I ever bought because of the YouTube world, and I remember being so excited the day I arrived on my doorstep, in a fancy lil SpaceNK box. They hype about this product was how ‘easy it is to use’- how it made eyeshadow simple. It does just that. It’s very creamy, very easily blended, but you gotta blend it quickly- if you leave it on your eyelids too long, it’ll “set”! The shade I got in particular, Misty Rock, was especially recommended for folks like me with green eyes, as it allegedly made them pop- again, I can confirm it does indeed do that.

Why am I keeping this? A combination of sentimentality (one of the first high-end products I ever bought!), and the fact that I will use it for special occasions. It’s just not an everyday product for me I’m afraid!


And that is all, folks! What are some products you never use, but can’t seem to lose?


A Bientôt,


Amber xx

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