Fevrier, 2016

Hellooooooooo Internet Peoples! Ca va?

Today, I’m going to do my usual monthly update on my life here en France. February has been one of the BEST months yet; half term, holidays and home for a little bit were the highlights!

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Oh hey there Louvre!🔺

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But first, I want to say a massive THANK YOU, to everyone who read the blog post I did for ThirdYearAbroad.com. You guys are so sweet! I’ve received so much lovely feedback, and the messages I’ve been getting are so kind. I’m so glad so many people can take courage from/relate to that! I’m really proud of it, and of myself, for actually writing something I knew lots of people would read- I’m very self-conscious, so it was feckin’ lovely. (If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link! )

ANYWAY, let’s move on shall we? February has been fantastic and fabulous and wonderful, and some really great things have happened. Let’s start at the beginning!

The 1st of February was a little bit depressing- le boyf and I had just spent the most AMAZING weekend in Amsterdam together, and then he had to go home. I actually had to sneak him out of my apartment, but that’s a story for another time when I no longer live here 😉 however, the first week of February was filled with oral exams and paperwork, so I had plenty to keep me busy!

One of my favourite discoveries of February was definitely role playing (not for me, just FYI). I did not understand that French students LOVE a good role play (this is sounding dodgier by the minute). I tried out a Doctor/Patient role play with several classes, and they got really into it. However, I think they must all be addicted to dramatic soaps, because most of the “patients” had been involved in ski accidents, and most of the “Doctors” were amputating legs and arms and hands… It was certainly a dramatic month in terms of my lessons! My favourite was the kid who took it to the next level, however. I gave them very, very basic phrases(I’ve got a sore head, I’ve got a runny nose etc…) but this one kid goes over to his doctor, hobbling, and says (deadpan)  “Oh, I’ve got a really bad case of diarrhoea!” I did NOT give him the vocab for that, and I was in absolute fits. There was also the guy with a runny nose, whose doctor immediately shouted “YOU ARE GOING TO BE DEAD. SEE YOU”.

Half term brought around the perfect reason to go travelling. Myself and Bekah visited Rome (which I’ve blogged about in full detail here) for four days, which was beautiful! The sun was shining every day, the skies were clear blue, and the FOOD, urgh, it was too good. My favourite part of the Rome experience was definitely the Trevi fountain, and my favourite meal? Gnocchi. Hands down!

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Eating gnocchi outside in the sunshine!

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After four blissful days, I returned to France, but only for one night. The next morning, I headed to Glasgow (but not before missing the last train, and having to take a very expensive taxi to the airport- yay!). However, it all worked out really well- my taxi driver turned out to be a huge whiskey lover, and so he fangirled over the fact that he had a real Irish girl in his car, who worked in a distillery and could actually discuss whiskey with him! We had a great chat, wee Francis and I. I also massively enjoyed the fact his mammy phoned him and he started saying “I’m sending you kisses through the phone!” in french (this is a grown ass man, just fyi).

I hastily finished an essay for uni, and sent it off (just before the deadline, model student I know) using the crappy wifi in the airport. Can I just go on the record as having said that Charles de Gaulle is the most CONFUSING airport ever? Because it is, and I did NOT have a clue where to go.

Arriving in Glasgow was fabulous, and I was so excited, because le boyf had flown there too to meet me! We spent Valentine’s weekend in Scotland together, and had THE most relaxed time. I ate Gregg’s every day, had a Wagamama, we shopped, and it was just lovely. My favourite part was definitely the burger we had in Ketchup though- a really cool restaurant in the student quarter of Glasgow. It was my second time there, and man, it was good! We even got to hang out with two of my friends from school- Bethany and Triona- which was GREAT, because I love a good catch up! Isn’t it the nicest thing in the world to see people succeeding and doing so well for themselves? I think so.


Chris and I then flew home on Valentine’s day, and I spent one week back in Northern Ireland. It was an eventful week- we had a formal to go to, which was amazing, and we even got to stay in the Hilton that night (thank you Dillon family!). I got to wear my green velvet dress, which made me so happy because velvet is just the best and green is the nicest colour. It was fabulous to see all of the physicists again, and that DINNER- GOODNESS me, it was lovely.


I spent the week running up and down, between Ballymoney and Belfast trying to see everyone. It was such a great week, but by the end of it, I’d developed a crappy cold, and was absolutely shattered.

The last week of February saw my return to France, back into the swing of things! I got to enjoy even more hilarious moments with my amazing pupils- in particular, I have this one class in which gets very hyper very quickly. And they are so hilarious. But the teacher told me to have a complete poker face at all times, because otherwise, they would carry on constantly. However, it was harder than I thought, because every time I said certain words, they would burst into song. For example, I said “Hello”, they turned all Adele on me. I said “everyday”, they all started shuffling like crazy people. I said sorry at one point, and there was a class full of Bieber’s. It was too much, but I hope I kept my cool!!

Another brilliant moment was during a different role play, in which I asked the class to pretend they were in charge of a rock star. When I asked what one kid’s star wanted in their dressing room, he said “Vodka, weed and easy women”. Greeeeeaaaaaaaaaat.

The end of February was equally fabulous, because two of my lovely gal pals from work came to visit Paris for a weekend!! It was so awesome, and we had a great time together (which you can read about in more detail here!).

That was my february! Other things which I’ve loved this month have been

My new YSL Lipstick


Ladurée macarons

Using my new suitcase

Emma Hardie Cleanser



I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures, guys! Thank you so much, as always, for your love and support. In my next post, I’m going to do another travel-inspired write-up with a bit of a twist…

A bientot!

Amber xx

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  1. Love this hun! You do so much travelling…and the Louvre looks teeny 😁 so nice you got to go home. I want to go to Ireland for a week and explore the cocountryside in Galway and drink in an Irish pub whilst listening to a band…aah so want to do this. Am I watching to much tele? Or is this what it’s like? Xx

    1. Amber says:

      Thank you so much! Yes you definitely should visit sometime 😀 it is everything you think and more- the clichés are true!! x

  2. Jenny Patlan says:

    I love all your posts!

    1. Amber says:

      Thank you so much, hun! I’ve just been reading yours, too- they’re so so lovely!! 😀

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