Rouge-tastic! My top red lipsticks!

Hello Internet Peoples! I hope you’re all well. At the time of writing this, I am blasting some vintage Britney Spears, and remembering that it was FIFTEEN YEARS AGO when I was making up dance routines to these songs. FIFTEEN?!?! Goodness I’m getting on.

PS- go listen to Lucky by Britney Spears. Nostalgia is high!

If you know me even the slightest smidge, you’ll know I’m no stranger to a red lipstick. I ADORE it. It makes me feel feisty and feminine, and while it might not be for everyone, it makes me feel super confident

So today, I thought I’d share with you my small collection of reds, in the hopes that maybe you’ll feel inspired to give them a whirl!


(From right to left: Rimmel’s Apocalips in Big Bang // MAC’s Ruby Woo // MAC’S Russian Red // YSL’s Pur Couture in Orange Imagine )

Let’s start at the bottom of the scale and move up.

Rimmel’s Big Bang: This is a lip lacquer, meaning it’s the shiniest out of the three, but it’s honestly great stuff, despite the fact it’s the cheapest! It’s got fairly good staying power, but will need to touched up- however, take note, this is a “lipstick-on-les-teeth” every other second kinda gloss!

I haven’t really reached for this one AS much in recent times, as it isn’t as good as my favourite out of the four, but I think that in terms of the opaque-ness and longevity, it’s a good dupe for some of the more expensive ones if you’re in the market for something a little less expensive!

Here is a picture of a slightly younger me (practically an embryo) sporting the old stuff.  You see there it’s not the brightest, but I think that if you’re starting out in the red department, you might not want something too in your face!


MAC Ruby Woo: I feel like this might be the one you’ve heard of out of this bunch! It’s an iconic bright red lippy, and it is fabulous. I bought it last year and loved it immediately. It was around the same time I’d cut my hair up really short, and so the combination of a sharp bob and matte rouged lips made me feel like the biggest feminist on the planet.

It’s certainly the most matte of the 4, to the point where it’s almost uncomfortable to wear if you don’t put on some lip balm first? (If you need a good lip balm recommendation, I’ve written a post about the best ones here!) However, that hasn’t stopped me wearing it. Once it’s on, it is ON, and it’s not coming off whether you drink or sip or nibble or drool or lick your lips. And that is something to write home about.

I would say this is quite a pinky-toned one- perhaps a bit better for someone with blue eyes, as it would really make them stand out!

And voila, here I am sporting the lovely stuff! I actually wore it every day in April last year, to raise awareness about sexual harassment.


MAC Russian Red: THIS ONE! This was my original Paris lipstick. It is in fact, the most popular MAC lipstick in France, and I picked mine up in the Galeries Lafayette just before Christmas (you know, as a wee incentive to keep going when times were tough!). I adore this lipstick. It glides on a lot better that Ruby Woo, and has equal if not better staying power. And of course, MAC lipsticks smell delicious, which is also a huge plus… right?!

This is a blue-toned red, and suits me a lot more than RW. It’s also a little bit darker, but I love that about it. It’s a classy red- movie star red! Plus, it’s got a LOT of sentimental value too.


And daaarrrrummmmm roll please…


YSL Orange Imagine: This one is my FAVOURITE! Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging. It comes in this GORGEOUS golden packaging, which looks oh so classy and elegant. Plus, in a pinch, that shiny metal can act as a handy mirror!

This lipstick was picked out for me by a sales assistant as Sephora, who showered me with love and attention and said that this would be the best red EVER for me, because I have green eyes. And I can’t help but think that he’s right! I love it and it suits me, whether I’ve got tan on or not.

It isn’t cheap, but it is the most fantastic lipstick I own in all respects, and I love it dearly.

Staying power? Awesome. Drying? Not at all. In fact, if anything, it’s like applying lip balm. Fabulousity? Another LEVEL!

(here‘s an even more detailed review, if you want that kind of thing!)


And that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed this- are any of you fans of a red lip? What’s your holy grail red lipstick?


A bientôt!


Amber xx

4 Comments Add yours

  1. suzielily says:

    Lovely post! Red lipstick suits you really well 🙂

    1. Amber says:

      Thank you so much! I’m a little bit obsessed with it 😀

  2. Sophie says:

    I spend so much time convincing myself to not just buy all the red Mac lipsticks, especially Ruby Woo because i see it hyped everywhere, and I know soon I am just going to add to my ever growing lipstick collection! Also, red lipstick really suits you. xx

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