August, 2017

How is it actually September, folks?! The past month has been a month of hard work- taking on as many shifts as possible, with about three days off in the whole month. While I feel like I’m just about ready to topple over with tiredness, and perhaps snooze for a month, I’m so blessed to actually have work to go to, and the money coming in has been lovely.

However, despite the manic-ness of it all, August 2017 has been a truly lovely month.

This was the month in which I decided to dye my hair purple.


…and then I promptly decided ‘Screw it, I want short hair again!’ and so I cut it up.


August was a month of baking delicious treats…


…and eating amazing brunches.

I enjoyed spending time with my lovely bae…


…and with a variety of books (I think I read 7 during the month?!)



  • We also booked a trip to go back to Edinburgh, yay!
  • I moved out of my student house
  • I hung out with my besties from the distillery
  • Sorted out my taxes aka I adulted HARD
  • Blogged a lot more often, and aspire to continue doing this
  • and I did a good bit of driving, which I am loving!

It was a busy old month, but I cannot wait for the fresh start of September! I’m looking forward to the weather taking a wee turn towards the cold, for the leaves to tumble down from weary branches, for cute date nights, hot coffee catch ups with friends, and whatever else life throws at me.

I really hope you guys had a lovely August, and here’s hoping we can all have a happy, peaceful and blessed September!

A bientôt,


Amber xx

(PS! I’m going to try and post something on here every day this week, Monday to Friday, so keep your eyes peeled!)


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