September, 2017

How is it actually October?!

I think September has flared up some kind of mid, mid-life crisis in me. Or is that a quarter life crisis? WHO EVEN KNOWS?!

The past month has flown in, but while it’s been a busy four weeks, there have been lots of nice little moments too.

I had a great tapas evening with a few of my distillery babes before we all headed off our different ways…

…and caught up with my old school galpal, Danielle, before she headed off to move to Scotland!


I got some awesome new sunglasses…


…and finally got to see one of the Game of Thrones doors- this one is in Ballintoy, Co. Antrim!


I had some great food. A LOT of great food.


And I had some special visitors in work- one of the highlights was this absolute BABE of a German Shepherd who visited me in Bushmills!


I read a few great books this month, like Everyday Sexism…


…and I went to Edinburgh for a few days with le boyf!


I discovered THESE amazing biscuits…


…and had a great catch up over cake with my home girl, Robyn.


OH, and I convinced my Great Aunt to pull over on our way home from work so that we could pet an alpaca 😀


September, you’ve been alright. Full of work, but I’m glad I don’t have to head back to uni right now!

I’m excited to see what October brings- some things I’m looking forward to:

  • The release of John Green’s new book, Turtles All The Way Down- I have it pre-ordered!
  • KNITWEAR- I can’t wait until it gets just a little bit colder, so I can crack out the woolly jumpers.
  • Cruising with the bae, who has just passed his driving test- well done my lovely!!

I hope all of you have had an equally lovely September- what is October going to be like for you?

A bientot,


Amber xx

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